Our team of recruiters & HR consultants deliver “trickle-down happiness”

When you turn to San Diego Human Resources Consulting Inc., you get a team of recruiters and HR consultants who are bona fide experts in their field. But the benefits of our HR services go so much beyond that.

What makes us so different?

At SDHRC, we believe in doing “good” business from the inside-out. This means we start with ourselves, and our people, to activate “trickle down happiness” – when we keep our employees happy, they pay it forward by going out of their way to make clients happy. The happiness then trickles down to your employees and customers. And when everyone is happy, we’ve reached our mission.

Keeping you happy at every stage

We’re your HR Solutions one-stop shop

Why go to one company for recruiting and another for HR consulting? Our diverse team of recruitment specialists and HR consultants can deliver both.

We do “good” business

Yep, we’re a bunch of do-gooders, doing “good” business for every client. We believe in business karma and exercise ethical business practices with
your best interests in mind.

“Right fit” focus

Whether recruiting talent or providing HR solutions, we go the extra mile to deliver the right fit for your organization’s culture and values.

We’re on it – FAST

We make it a priority to provide swift responses. We can be on call 24/7 and our HR consultants are always on standby to deliver services in a pinch.

Happy employees = happy clients

We’ve created a flexible environment that prioritizes the happiness of our employees, inspiring them to deliver outstanding performance and services for our clients.

Visionary leadership

We’re shaking things up with a new model for recruiting and HR delivery that’s focused on doing what’s right for the three C’s: Clients, Colleagues and Community.

What Clients are Saying

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