Cassandra Cummings

01.16.19Cassi Cummings

Cassandra Cummings, our Online Marketing Specialist, got her start in the gaming industry 10 years ago and moved on to lead content and event production for an award-winning live art show featured at TEDx and Downtown Disney. After graduating in Global Business from Cal State San Marcos, she moved to Madrid to learn a new culture, and launch her career in tech. There, she became a founding member of the marketing team at Product School, where she hosted 100 online events for 50,000 people with speakers from Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, Amazon and more. Her true passions are traveling, food and art which were combined during her seven months in Amsterdam, where she was often found riding her bike while juggling a chocolate croissant and a gallery pass. Creative in mind and skilled in Marketing, our Magician creates a brand and a plan out of thin air!