Liz Czuper


Liz Czuper (that’s “Choo-per” to us phonetically challenged) brings over 10+ years of IT staffing and recruiting experience and she is a techie at heart who loves to learn new and different technologies. Liz graduated from Towson University with a Bachelors of Science in English and belongs to the Georgia MOB (mom of boys club, which includes her husband). Ginger, her 5lb rescue chihuahua, helps to even the estrogen in the house as well as with Liz’s heart for animals. Liz is fascinated with astrology and effect of the phases of the moon and juggles her love of chocolate and sushi with her greater love for physical fitness from yoga to elliptical. Mindful of life’s balance, Liz is an advocate of the work and life balance we practice here at SDHRC and we think she does both so well she should wear a cape, and that’s why we call her Super Czuper.