Rachel Redmond

09.05.18Baylee Olsen

G’day Mate! Nope, it’s not Crocodile Dundee but our Rockstar with a lovely Australian accent, Rachel R. Rachel has been been a recruiter for 12 plus years, adding tech and engineering to her skillset in recent years. Recruiting fits well with Rachel’s love of meeting and learning about people – something she has developed since birth. Born in the US, Rachel spent most of her life in Australia and has lived in the Bahamas, West Indies, and Canada before settling in Southern California where she is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and rocking recruiting for SDHRC. Nicknamed for her height (5’9″) and last name, Big Red, enjoys snowboarding and food, not always in that order as her friends call her “small hand, big appetite”. While her hands may be small, her ability to handle your recruiting needs is unlimited!