Theresa Mustaccio

08.08.19Baylee Olsen

Theresa Mustaccio has been in technical recruiting for more than half of her working career and has over 11 years of experience. Developer, Java, FED, SW Engineer, you name it, Theresa has successfully recruited it. A two-year journey in Beijing China expanded her horizons, personally as well as professionally. Back in the US of A, Theresa makes her home with her hubby, 2 teens and an adorable puppy named, Cosmo Kramer, the Bernedoodle.  Her motto is Life is full of surprises if you keep yourself open to new adventures. We’ve expanded on her regular nickname of “T” to “T-Rex” because frankly like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Theresa is too powerful to be contained by just one initial. While dinosaurs maybe a thing of the past, our T looks to the future, always open to new adventures and like a T-Rex, she is the top queen in the land of recruiting.