Celebrating National Puppy Day 2021

03.23.21Baylee Davies

Celebrating National Puppy Day 2021

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”

M.K. Clinton
The Message Behind “National Puppy Day”

Each year National Puppy Day is celebrated on March 23rd. This day is a chance to celebrate the dogs in our lives and the unconditional love they bring into the world! If you have shared special moments with a dog, whether it was your own or someone else’s, it is obvious the affection and adoration they have for people. This affection lifts our spirits and helps us feel at ease. 

National Puppy Day is not only meant to celebrate how awesome dogs are but it is also a chance to raise adoption awareness. PETA estimates on any given day in the United States there are an estimated 70 million homeless dogs and cats struggling to survive.  An even more alarming statistic according to ASPCA is approximately 1.5 shelter animals are euthanized each year due to lack of space and resources. How can you help? Consider adopting instead of buying a dog when looking for the perfect new addition for your family. Not only is adopting cheaper, but you are taking a stance against puppy mills and standing up for animal rights. Contrary to popular misconceptions, rescue dogs are not all in need of a home because “there is something wrong with them”. In fact, rescue dogs make great pets who often just need love, attention and structure. 

Whether you are thinking about adopting a dog or just celebrating dogs in general, we hope you have a wonderful National Puppy Day!

Maltese Rescue California

We love dogs at SDHRC! Our CEO, Julie Wootton’s mother, Judy Crowe, is the founder of Maltese Rescue California a nonprofit organization whose mission is to rescue Maltese and other small breeds. They have devoted their lives and dedicated countless hours to help dogs from many sources including animal shelters, animal control agencies, owner surrenders, veterinarians, and many other situations. 

National Puppy Day is a perfect opportunity to dedicate time or resources to animals in need. Aside from donating to local shelters and nonprofit organizations, there are many additional unique opportunities that benefit homeless animals. During COVID, Laura Miller, an HR Consultant here at SDHRC made dog toys with her sons to donate to local shelters. Beth Noce, one of our very own recruiters has spent countless hours volunteering at her local animal shelter, Arlington Animal Services. Consider dedicating your free time assisting dogs in need through volunteering and donating to nonprofit organizations. 

Dogs Near and Dear to Our Hearts

Meet The Wootton Pack!

Julie has a whole pack of rescue dogs which just makes our hearts so full! Many of Julie’s dogs were adopted from the Maltese Rescue of California. The best thing about Julie’s pack…they all get along and snuggle up to one another. Talk about a house full of love!

– Julie Wootton, SDHRC CEO

Meet Riplee and Baja Scharbarth!

“We got Riplee first on Christmas Eve and bought my husband’s parents Baja but she ended up coming back home with us! They are sisters from the same litter and are inseparable! Funny how everything happens for a reason right!”

– Kristen Scarbarth, SDHRC Admin

Meet Stevie Redmond!

“My baby Stevie is my first dog. She is a rescue, she was kept in a garage until the rescue org found her. When I first saw her I thought “omg, what have I done, I meant to adopt a dog.” Her head was as small as a mouse poking out of the foster mum’s jumper. The only collar or leash I could find to fit her at the time was a rat harness. We were told that it wouldn’t be safe to have her walking around the house because we could step on her, that we’d never be able to sleep with her because we’d squash and kill her, and that we wouldn’t be able to have her around medium or big dogs. I don’t know how I got my husband to agree – he wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Within a few weeks, Stevie was the ruler of our household. She’s never been stepped on; her personality is too big to miss, and she navigates the sleeping giants in *her* bed every night with ease. She is a tiny empress and she is afraid of nothing. Big and little dogs can’t help but love her, because she arrives with her heart on her sleeve. We are so lucky to have her and the happiness she brings to our lives. She is such a pure and honest being. All she wants in life is to love and have fun. I don’t have words for how much I love her.”

– Rachel Redmond, SDHRC Recruiter

Meet Ramsey Hagan!

“I adopted Ramsey 13 years ago in Florida. He was in a trial adoption placement but he peed on their Christmas Tree so they brought him back. But hey, it was a tree and he is a dog! Which was lucky for me because he has been an amazing dog.  No barking, no chewing on shoes!  🙂 He made the drive with me across the country to SD about 8 years ago and it was nice to have a companion on the long drive.  He will be 17 in July and is missing an eye, most of his teeth and has a bad heart but he is still a sweetie!”

– Traci Hagan, SDHRC HR Consultant

Meet Paisley and Kingsley Olsen!

“6 years ago I adopted Paisley, a Lab/Pit Bull Terrior from Labs and Friends Rescue Group. She has been the most loyal dog I could have ever asked for! She is very independent and mellow. 2 years ago we adpoted our newest addition, Kingsley, a Blue Nose Pit Bull from It’s The Pits Rescue Group. He is the complete opposite of Paisley…crazy, cuddly, and full of energy!”

– Baylee Olsen, SDHRC Graphic Designer

Meet Ace Miller!

“Here is our pup Ace, who we rescued at 8 week old and is now 8 months old. He brings even more energy and excitement to our house with 2 little boys, both of whom are attached at the hip to our pup. Despite chewing up 3 pairs of shoes, many socks and having an affinity for eating paper, he is well-mannered, loyal and we couldn’t imagine our life without him.”

– Laura Miller, SDHRC HR Consultant

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