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Our Unique Virtual Specialized Comprehensive Service

Our Commitment

One of the most cost-effective ways to manage your human resources is with the help of thoughtful, knowledgable human resource professionals. 

Our Beliefs

At San Diego Human Resources Consulting Inc., we believe in bringing quality, affordable HR solutions to you.

Our Goal

Providing top HR support to help your company and employees flourish and succeed is our goal. Our eShield programs provide solutions that span the entire employee life cycle. 

Our eShield Programs

We offer two different eShield programs to fit the needs of your company: Virtual HR Support and Virtual Confidentiality and Employee Relations Support.

eShield Programs graphic including support, communication, and compliance help

Virtual HR Support

eShield Program Option 1

This eShield package is suitable for companies looking for specific answers and advice to all HR questions strategically customized to their unique business. Our HR experts work on your behalf to take the stress and uncertainty off of your shoulders while ensuring a positive, open work environment amongst your employees. We partner with you as your virtual HR department to administer your programs and processes.

How it Works:

Services Included:

* This on-going service is intended to be offered as soon as the company's handbook and on-boarding/off-boarding paperwork is current and compliant. Please ask how SDHRC can assist with these efforts separately.

eShield Program Virtual HR Support
eShield Programs Virtual Compliance Support

Virtual Confidentiality and Employee Relations Support

eShield Program Option 2

This eShield package is suitable for companies looking for employee relations support and a confidential way for employees to report workplace concerns.

How it Works:

Services Included:

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