Our comprehensive HR employee handbooks and IIPPs services provide you with the information you need so your business runs smoothly. Therefore, we will look at and help you with all your personnel practices, procedures, forms, and handbooks. Furthermore, will also help you through all other necessary employment materials.


According to Cal-OSHA, all employers in the State of California are required to have an Injury & Illness Prevention Plan in place. This is applicable no matter what type of work environment they have or the size of the company.  Hence, it is not enough to just produce the document if there is no action to show that the employer is taking steps to ensure workplace safety. Certainly, employers must be actively monitoring the workplace for hazards, investigating accidents to correct issues, talking to employees about the importance of safety, etc.  The fines for this can be substantial. $7,000 just for not having an IIPP. $12,000 per day for not fixing a serious hazard. $124,000 per violation for repeated violations.  For that reason, one company recently had to pay $375,000 for OSHA violations!  SDHR Consulting will make sure you have the right IIPP plan in place.  Click here for a free consultation or email us at info@sdhrconsulting.com.

Employee Handbooks

We believe that your HR employee handbooks may be one of the most important tools you have. Handbooks are crucial in educating employees about critical company policies. They also ensure 100% legal compliance in your business operations. From a simple review of a current handbook to a complete overhaul or ground zero creation, we offer fast, affordable, and efficient handbook services.
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