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At SDHR Consulting, we are compensation experts and above all, are dedicated to better serve you and your business needs. In other words, our job is to strategically partner, design, and implement compensation programs. In doing so, our clients can focus on running their businesses. Above all, each client is unique, and therefore each project is treated uniquely. We offer services that provide you with a one-stop-shop when it comes to HR. Therefore, you are able to relax and rest assured that your business is in the right hands. In short, explore our diverse areas of employee compensation expertise and let us know how we can help.

Job Creation & Maintenance

Job Descriptions

It is important to have updated job descriptions for all roles so employees understand expectations for the job and that minimum qualification are documented.

Job Benchmarking

It is important to have updated salary pricing data so as to ensure employees are being paid competitively for purposes of attraction and retention.

Exemption Status Review

It is important employees are accurately classified as exempt or non-exempt in order to remain in compliance.

Total Rewards Plan Design

Peer Group Creation

It is important for public companies or companies looking to go public to have an established peer group in order to compare their compensation practices to their peers.

Executive Compensation

It is important that executives are compensated competitively in order to ensure the retention of critical company knowledge and talent.

Merit Increases

It is important to evaluate the industry’s annual salary increase trends and as a result, remain competitive.

Performance Management & Ratings

It is important to provide employees with continuous feedback and metrics to evaluate their performance so they grow their skill-set and stay engaged.

Sales Compensation

It is important that sales employee have well-communicated and realistic commission plans that as a result drive them toward their goals.

Retention Tools

It is important to retain talent proactively so that employees do not become a flight risk.

Short and Long-Term Incentive Plan Design

It is important to determine the right bonus or equity plans to incentivize employees in order to help them meet the goals of the business.

Career Framework

Career Mapping & Job Matrices

It is important to have a defined career map for employees, so they can reach their full potential while at the same time contributing to business objectives.

Job Leveling

It is important to have established job levels so that after that, career progression can take place and job expectations are outlined.

Succession Planning

It is important to have talent in place and successful knowledge transfer, therefore, the business runs smoothly as critical talent retires.

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