One size compensation strategy does NOT fit all!

SDHRC’s compensation expertise is in creating compensation and total rewards programs at all levels including executive, manager, sales and all employees. We will help you create fully integrated compensation programs that are aligned with your business goals and values.

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Compensation Analysis and Strategy:

A well-designed compensation plan is critical to attracting and retaining top talent as well as making quick and intelligent compensation decisions essential to motivating and rewarding your employees. SDHRC will help you establish a compensation plan that reflects your company culture, values and goals so you can achieve competitive advantage.

SDHRC can help you make effective and efficient pay decisions at all stages of the employment lifecycle. SDHRC utilizes robust salary survey data that provides market comparables for all industries, company sizes and locations. This information provides valuable market insight which we leverage to create competitive, scalable, and sustainable rewards programs for our clients, in all industries and sizes including public, private enterprise, large, mid-sized small, non-profit, established and new.

Our approach is designed around the requirements of your unique situation. We will work closely with you to understand your business, compensation goals, pay philosophies, culture, and industry. Then we’ll design a compensation plan that aligns with your objectives to help you achieve your business goals, and maintain competitive advantage.

Compensation and Performance Management:

SDHRC offers expertise in developing base pay solutions, incentive design both short-term and long-term programs, and executive compensation strategies. We will help you:

  • Formalize your performance management and compensation philosophy
  • Create a salary administration program that directly ties merit increases to performance ratings
  • Performance appraisal processes that enable managers to objectively rate employee performance
  • A goal-setting process that enables managers to develop credible goals that enhance performance
  • Reward programs (bonuses or incentive awards) that provide monetary awards commensurate with contributions
  • Effective communication strategy by training, measuring and evaluating the results
  • SDHRC will develop, validate and update your job leveling and career pathing process or system as we implement your compensation plan.

Sales Incentives and Commission Plans: California requires all employees who earn commissions to have a signed commission plan in place. SDHRC can help you create sales incentives and commission plans that motivate the correct selling behaviors by providing rewards for results with the greatest benefit to the organization.

Training and Communication: SDHRC will help you translate your organization’s strategy and philosophy into understandable actions. We will design a detailed implementation and communication plan to support you throughout your transition with clear recommendations that are legally compliant and efficient to administer. We will train your team, implement, communicate and evaluate effectiveness and results.

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