COVID eShield Hotline

SDHRC wants to provide our clients with hope, comfort, and peace of mind by offering a new COVID eShield Hotline; complimentary for 90 days.  Let us help you during this uncertain time, as we launch our new COVID eShield Hotline Service. Your employees, managers, and HR professionals have access to our HR experts, whether it’s clarifying COVID questions about sick leave, disability, unemployment insurance, working remotely policies, wage & hour laws, employee relations issues, or filing a complaint such as illegal acts, sexual harassment, ethics, safety, and compliance violations.  Our HR experts are well-versed in local, municipal, state and federal HR law within and outside of California.  It is easy to enroll and can be set-up the same day.

What’s Included in the COVID eShield Hotline Service?

Toll-free or email HR support M-F 8 AM to 5 PM PST to U.S. employees, managers, and HR professionals

Confidential HR consultations of up to 30 minutes with Subject Matter HR Experts (SME’s)

Proactive HR COVID compliance website and email updates, including instructional materials, quick tip fact sheets, and webinars

Who Can Use This Service?

This service is open to any of your employees, managers, or HR staff that is on your payroll. 

How Do We Submit Inquiries or Claims?

Once you have enrolled in this service, you can contact our secure hotline by phone at 866-eShield (866-374-4353) or by email at

What If We Need More Than 30 Minutes?

If the topic or concern needs more support than a 30-minute consult will provide, you may want to enroll in our Premium Service where our HR Experts are available for support to guide you through next steps or provide assistance, such as conducting investigations, creating or revising policies, creating or updating employee handbooks, conducting sexual harassment prevention trainings, or access to our employment attorneys for an extra fee.

What Is the Fee for This Service?

This service is completely complimentary if signed up for before we hit capacity. We also have our Premium Service option for more complex topics and one on one support.

Why Is This Service Free for 90 Days?

SDHRC wants to bring you comfort and peace of mind through this difficult journey. We understand you are focusing on running your business during these unprecedented times.  Leave the ever-changing details up to us. We have been in business for over 15 years, but since this particular service offering is new to us, we are asking for your honest, critical feedback throughout these 90 days.

Can This Service Be Canceled During the 90-Day Trial Period?

Yes, this service can be canceled during the 90-day trial period or anytime after that.

Ready to Sign up Today for Your 90-Day Free Trial of our Proactive COVID eShield Hotline?

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