Employer Shield – HR Compliance Checklist

SDHR Consulting’s employer shield service is a vital asset when it comes to the HR compliance checklist. Liability in relation to businesses falls into two separate categories. These categories are applicable whether you have an HR department or if HR is handled on an as-needed basis. The first category is compliance with Federal, State & Municipal laws and regulations. The second category is employee complaint handling. For example, if you are not compliant with all applicable laws or you do not handle an employee complaint in a fair, equitable and expeditious manner you are exposed.  

At SDHR Consulting, our employer shield service will ensure you are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. In addition, employer shield will ensure all complaints are handled promptly and according to a fair and equitable process. Above all, this service will significantly reduce your exposure to liability, better protecting you and your company.

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It can be difficult to keep up to date with HR regulations while at the same time running your business. Certainly, don’t worry, this is where we come in! Maybe you don’t know if you are in compliance with the HR compliance checklist? Or maybe you think you are already doing everything necessary so you can be compliant and handle employee complaints adequately? Contact us today for a free HR consultation in order to find out for sure.

Common HR Liabilities

Poor Documentation

Documentation is a crucial step when it comes to HR compliance and regulations. Do your employee files and documentation meet Federal, State & Municipal laws & regulations?

Litigation Issues

The number one cause for litigation is compliance with claims handling for harassment, discrimination & wrongful terminations. Is your process handled fairly, equitably and compliant with the law?


Through training and certifying all employees on ethics, discrimination, harassment, and workplace behavior, employers significantly limit their liability. Do you have an annual training & certification program that creates a better work environment and limits your liability?

Policies & Handbooks

Keeping up with current State, Federal & Municipal laws and regulations so you are in compliance can be difficult. Also, in just a typical year, there several policy changes that require communication and updates to your employee handbook. Have you updated your Employee Handbook and effectively communicated the changes within the last year?

Handling Difficult Employee Relations Issues, Leave of Absence, Terminations….

At SDHR Consulting, we’ll guide you in order to ensure you are handling difficult employee relations issues legally, respectfully and in compliance with state, federal and municipal guidelines. Most importantly, leaving this up to us not only reduces liability risk but also streamlines the process making it a breeze.

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