SDHR Consulting has built a world-class business partner program that allows you to provide HR & Recruiting services to your customers without the hassle of hiring, training and supporting HR & Recruiting professionals. We are presenting you with an opportunity to offer competing services from a local company that picks up the phone, prides itself on great service, and does good business with a dedication to the communities we work and live in. We offer a generous annuity-based revenue share that will help increase your margins and revenue without an increase in expenses.

Why Should You Partner with SDHRC?

Keep your customers sticky by offering a “one-stop-shop” scenario that’s tough to compete with

Increase the value of your customers by driving incremental revenue without increasing your costs

Offer new products and services to your customers

Create a lucrative ongoing revenue stream


Become an SDHRC Business Partner

Ready to increase your margins and revenue without an increase in expenses? Get in touch and we’ll show you why you should become an SDHRC business partner