HR Audit Lite

04.20.17Baylee Olsen

Welcome to our HR Health Check!

With all the new CA laws and regulations, do you know what some of your major HR Compliance and Liability Risks are? Many employers struggle with keeping up with them all! Find out more with our HR Assessment!

Complete this form to access our HR Assessment and Compliance Quiz. We will tell you exactly where you stand on many of the current HR laws, and how to minimize any risks. After you submit your Assessment, you may qualify for a FREE 30-minute consultation with an HR Consultant.


When was the last time your company’s Employee Handbook was reviewed and updated?

Do you keep employee medical and other highly confidential information in a locked location separate from your general Employee Files and restrict access to that information?

Do you understand and have you explained the new Ban The Box and Salary History Ban to the supervisors who do interviews for the company?

When was the last time you trained your supervisors and employees on Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (AB 1825)?

Do you feel confident that you are giving all new hires and all exiting employees all the documents that you are required to give them?

Do you have an active Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) in place?

I have several Independent Contractors (sometimes called Consultants) and they all meet the recent CA Supreme Court ABC rules to be classified as an Independent Contractor.

Do you have up-to-date Job Descriptions for each of the positions in your company?

Have you reviewed all your jobs for proper classification of exempt/non-exempt status?

Have you reviewed your policies in regards to the Bring Your Own Device rules?

Have you correctly completed all I-9’s on your employees within the timeframe required by the Department of Homeland Security?