SDHRC Training Service Showcase: Engaging a Diverse Workforce

07.16.20Baylee Davies

SDHRC Training Service Showcase

Engaging a Diverse Workforce

SDHRC offers a wide range of training services, each one is unique and based on the culture and the goals of the organization. Therefore, we go out of our way to become familiar with your employee population and adapt our training to compliment their education, experience level, attitudes and learning style.

Our “Engaging a Diverse Workforce” training focuses on the crucial topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In this training team members will:

  • Learn a framework for embracing differences in the workplace to facilitate an environment where every employee feels seen, heard and respected
  • Compassionately navigate difficult conversations in the workplace surrounding gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and culture
  • Learn how to be aware of biases and decision making that results in misunderstanding and chaos and replace with empathetic problem-solving strategies
  • Help foster a high functioning, respectful work culture where people feel empowered, and innovation and creativity can thrive
  • Facilitate connection and inclusion by building upon the existing strengths of a team
Additional Training + Development Services

Visit our Training + Development page to learn more about our training services and the topics that we cover. Our interactive workshops and development programs can help your managers and team members tap into their own skills and give them the tools they need so they can become a stronger team.

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