Valentine’s, Galentine’s, and Everything In Between

02.09.21Baylee Davies

Valentine’s, Galentine’s, and Everything In Between

So the, one of many stories, goes…long ago there was a priest named St. Valentine. When Emperor Claudius in Rome decided that single men made better soldiers than married men, he outlawed marriage for young men. This is where Valentine comes in! Outraged by this ruling, he risked his life to secretly performed marriages for young lovers across the land. Claudius of course was infuriated by this deception and ordered St. Valentine to be beheaded. From that point forward people have been celebrating Valentine’s Day in honor of St. Valentine and his dedication to love.

Holidays are an important aspect of our work-life balance and company culture at SDHRC. Every holiday, whether big or small, we send team company-wide emails full of love, celebration, and lots of silly memes. Valentine’s Day seems to be a day that is either celebrated in all of its glory or massively dreaded…and don’t think that only single people are dreading the big day! Many of those in relationships feel the day is a forced gimmick of sorts that encourages us to spend money on flowers, cards, and chocolates. Others excitedly plan the special day with their significant other full of romance. Where do you stand on the scale?! Maybe you are one of the 1 in 4 people who buy Valentine’s Day presents for their pets. Last Valentine’s Day, American’s spent $1.7 billion on their pets alone!

At SDHRC, we are a big blend of all of the above! But what is most important to us as a company this Valentine’s Day is our team of wonderful Galentine’s. This Valentine’s Day, SDHRC celebrates our team of wonderful women who are each other’s Galentine’s, supporting one another in love and positivity through all aspects of our daily work lives. We love and accept one another with open arms.

Socially Distanced Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you are looking for ways to spend your Valentine’s Day, we got you covered! Here are some COVID friendly virtual events and ways to stay festive this year while supporting local businesses:

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Baylee Olsen, “Delightful Designer”

Baylee Olsen is a talented designer who has been with SDHRC for 1 year. A recent graduate from UCSD in Visual Arts Speculative Design, Baylee is instrumental in the design and branding of SDHRC’s most favored campaigns, service offering brochures, and webpages.