2023 Thanksgiving Message From Our CEO

11.16.23Baylee Davies

Leaves are changing from green to a golden orange, and the air turns cooler; all signaling that Thanksgiving is nearing.  This fall, the economy may be sputtering, and the political divide may seem insurmountable, with so much uncertainty and tragedy in the world, but gratitude is not in short supply.  By expressing gratitude, we become more aware of the good things already present in life.  

Thanksgiving is a great time to express gratitude to your employees and colleagues.  Employees want to know their work is appreciated.  Showing gratitude to employees is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way to boost performance.  Expressing gratitude to employees sounds simple yet is often overlooked in the workplace.  When workers report they were passed over for career opportunities, received little feedback, and experienced less flexibility and gratitude in the workplace, they may seek employment elsewhere.  The cost of losing one employee ranges from tens of thousands of dollars to one to two times the employee’s annual salary.  The cost of a temporary replacement, recruiting and training a new employee; all add to the cost.  

Rest assured, there are a number of ways that managers and employers can express gratitude effectively. Please consider the following tips:

  • The timeliness of recognition communicates that a manager is paying attention and that gratitude is a priority.  Providing gratitude only with an annual review misses an opportunity to provide immediate and positive reinforcement throughout the year.  It is far better to offer praise after an achievement or completion of a special project.  
  • The best managers know what drives the individual team members.  By tailoring gratitude toward an individual, it will show support and awareness of their accomplishments, interests, and how they like to receive recognition. 
  • Ensure your work environment is a Welcoming Workplace starting from the top down; employers who have a welcoming work environment for employees, applicants, candidates, and clients are far more likely to attract, retain and achieve their strategic goals. 

Thanksgiving is an opportune time to express our gratitude and appreciation to our valued clients, colleagues and community.   We are thankful for your continued confidence and partnership over the past 19 years of “doing good business” together.  Furthermore, our team enjoyed showing gratitude to our community by volunteering 219+ hours this year,  for local nonprofit organizations, including The Vista Chamber of Commerce, The Animal Pad, and the Open Arms Health Clinic. Our team will be having our year-end get-together, volunteering at Brother Benno’s Thrift Store organizing donations and wrapping presents for children this holiday season. We are thankful to have the opportunity to give back to our community and grateful for our Clients, Colleagues, and Community. 

Thank you for choosing and trusting SDHR Consulting to provide Human Resources & Recruiting services now and throughout the year. 

May your Thanksgiving be filled with peace, comfort, love, joy, the spirit of gratitude, and the warmth of cherished friends and family. 

Julie Hunt