Claims & Investigations

Claims and Investigations

Do you need a workplace investigation conducted by a neutral and objective third party? We ensure that we are unbiased and impartial and that confidentiality and retaliation protocols are followed. Our experienced and qualified attorneys will explain the process, establish ground rules, lead the investigation, and provide a summary report with findings from the investigation. Our goal is to make all involved parties feel valued and respected – as everyone should. We understand the nature of the workplace investigation may be sensitive, and that’s why you will find our attorneys to be trustworthy and respectful. We look forward to helping your organization feel at ease throughout the entire investigation.

Examples of Investigations

SDHR Consulting specializes in the following types of workplace investigations:

Sexual Harassment

Hostile Work Environment


Conflict of Interest

Code of Conduct


Leave of Absence

Workers Compensation Claims

Illegal Substance Abuse

SDHRC claims and workplace investigation services San Diego.

Sample Process for Investigations

While no two workplace investigations are the same, we generally use the following steps and methodologies to assist in conducting the investigation:

Initial meetings and review of documents and complaint.

Perform interviews with involved parties.

Analyze incident, evaluate behavior, and find trends.

Finalize notes and prepare detailed summary and findings report.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

We are able to conduct investigations in-person or using online video conferencing tools.

We aim for our investigations to be thorough yet timely.

We conduct investigations for a variety of industries and all company sizes.

We will request a series of documents and information upfront so that it can be reviewed before the investigation begins.

We look forward to speaking with you to find out more about your investigation request.

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