Let San Diego Human Resources Consulting review, refine and administer your process when it comes to alternative work solutions, terminations, and layoffs.

This process can be difficult for the employer and employee. We are helping our clients prepare reasonable solutions. Our goal is to help you make the best business decision by considering creative solutions, and only if necessary, following terminations best practices.  All at the same time, ensuring employees are treated respectfully and their dignity is maintained.

What does this service look like?

One of our HR consultants will work directly with your business to analyze how to best reach your goals and implement one of the following solutions, such as:

• Reduced Hours

• Job Sharing

• Repurposing Employees

• Salary and Benefits Cost Reductions

• Terminations

• Layoffs

If termination services are requested, SDHRC will guide the client through our termination process and checklist of items to ensure all necessary steps are taken to remain in compliance and ensure a smooth transition for your employees.

Optional Services

If requested, SDHRC can assist in conducting the reduction in force/layoffs or be there to help answer any questions. 

Additionally, the client can engage with SDHRC’s employment attorney to ensure any additional legal concerns are addressed and that difficult separation decisions are handled appropriately.

Volunteer Outplacement Services

Has your organization been forced to downsize perhaps due to COVID? If you have employees in need of career and outplacement assistance, we are here to help. Community is one of our core values, and to show our devotion to giving back we are offering complimentary outplacement services to our existing clients free of charge. Please reach out to info@sdhrconsulting.com for more information.  

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Need help with a termination or layoff?

We’ll handle these sensitive situations with aplomb while ensuring your organization has covered all its legal bases in the process. Contact us for a consultation at no charge.