HR Audits

An HR Audit, also known as an HR Gap Analysis, is a review of an organization’s key HR functional areas which is done by auditing their internal processes, procedures, and documentation. It is recommended that all companies conduct an HR Audit as the first step to helping determine where their potential HR blind spots may be. These blind spots have the potential to affect their ability to maintain lawful compliance with state and federal laws. In addition to compliance risks, our consultants also identify priority items and provide recommendations as well as best practices, which help our clients streamline their processes and enhance efficiencies.

An HR Audit also ensures clients are leveraging their most expensive and critical resource, their people. The HR Audit is a robust tool we use to identify challenges and opportunities while also celebrating the things a client is doing well. This is a great starting point to determine the next steps in both 1) how to prioritize their projects and 2) ensuring they have the tools to meet their HR needs.

Benefits of HR Audits

An effective first step in refining an organizations HR processes

Reduces compliance risks by determining an organizations potential HR blind spots

Provides recommendations and priority items which streamline processes and enhance efficiencies

Confirms an organization’s effective HR processes and celebrates functions they are doing well

Processes Reviewed in Our HR Audit

In addition, we can also provide more in-depth payroll audits to review timecards, payroll registers and pay stubs. These are helpful when there are concerns with wage and hour topics, especially in California where the laws and regulations are extensive.

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