Recruitment Transformation Service


Recruitment Transformation Service

Recruitment Transformation Service is a holistic solution that focuses on transformational change to our client’s recruitment process and Talent Acquisition department. This service was created due to the challenges we saw when partnering with clients to support their recruiting efforts. Frequent pain points consisted of not using best hiring practices, delayed time to fill rates, candidate dropout rates, candidate dissatisfaction rates, under-resourced departments, ineffective recruiting teams, and confusion about the overall recruitment process from hiring managers. We like to think of this service as “building the foundation” for our client’s recruiting strategy. We believe that this solution shifts our client’s approach from reactive to proactive and provides an overall long-term strategy that has the ability to scale. At SDHR Consulting, we closely partner with our clients to create, build, and implement a sustainable and comprehensive “best in class” recruitment solution.

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Recruitment transformation recruiting service process

How do we fill positions in the meantime?

How does it work?

Our lead recruiter will drive the strategy around your TA department to make process improvements and develop your recruiters and pipeline, while our team of recruiters are simultaneously sourcing and filling your open positions side by side your TA team.  

"It’s fantastic to see the cost breakdowns (SDHRC provides)! Not only has their recruiting team found excellent HR team members for us very efficiently, but their work developing my TA employees and creating new process/automation is nearly invaluable. We’re so excited to have SDHRC working with us!"

- Kyle Bonura, VP Human Resources at Technical Safety Services

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