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Quick Facts

Happy RPO Recruiting clients and colleagues.

1/2 the Cost (or Less) of Average Agency Rates

Our recruiting services save our clients money and time!

Average Cost < 10% of Candidates' Base Salary

Recruiting services with our team of recruiters for san diego and across the U.S.

95% or Higher Retention Rate

Our RPO recruiting services have no added fees or costs.

No Hidden Fees, Retainers, or Minimums

Our Recruiting Services

Imagine working with an HR recruiting firm that’s motivated exclusively by your satisfaction of our recruiting services – not by commissions. Welcome to SDHR Consulting; we do things differently and we’re proud of it.

“A recruiting firm that’s not based on commissions? Really?” We hear this all the time. That is to say, our clients are often surprised by our unique approach to talent acquisition. This is simply because they’ve never experienced it. But once they do, they’re hooked.

The difference in our nationwide recruiting services is found everywhere, including in our pricing. For years, the recruiting industry has relied on charging clients up to 25%-30% percent of a candidate’s salary. Unfortunately, this practice may incentivize recruiters to simply fill the position quickly– regardless of whether the candidate is the right fit. This may also lead to cultural mismatches and a higher rate of attrition and dissatisfied clients. That’s why the majority of our clients prefer our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) approach, which is based on a reasonable hourly rate, as opposed to contingency fees.

Match-Making Approach

By removing the commission incentive, we’re able to focus our energies on what we do best: matchmaking! Everyone hopes the hiring process results in a meaningful relationship with a skilled employee whose personality compliments yours. As matchmakers, we partner with organizations across the United States and concentrate on finding candidates who not only look good on paper but who are the right cultural fit for the company. Before we begin the talent acquisition process, we intimately get to know your organization to ensure we’re selecting candidates who will fit in seamlessly with your culture. This may be the most important aspect of the recruiting process. As we partner with you and become a part of your company, we create an interactive process that contributes to a higher retention rate. By setting expectations right off the bat, we create a ripple effect of partnering with our clients that contributes to high-quality candidates and a competitive fill time.

Most importantly, this “right fit” approach of recruiting results in lower attrition and a stronger long-term relationship between you and your new employee.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing "RPO"?

We partner with clients to bring them two recruiting methods: Contingency and RPO. While both of these methods are efficient, in most cases, our clients’ preferred method is RPO.

RPO may sound like a complex and unfamiliar term, however, it is actually quite simple. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the process of working with an external expert to achieve the hiring needs of your unique business.

The simplest way to think of RPO is as an extension of your company’s recruiting function. As a business owner you wouldn’t tackle your own legal advice, would you? Then why would you take on the highly involved process of recruiting services? Just as you would hire an external expert for your auditor or legal advisor, partnering with an RPO expert should be no different.

When partnering with SDHRC think of us as your personal recruiting experts, allowing you to reach your goals including sourcing excellent candidates, utilizing technology, and relying on sound methodology and proven practices.

Compliance Regulations

The process of hiring candidates can be risky due to the ever-changing nature of compliance regulations. However, when you hire SDHRC you can be assured you are fully in compliance with current laws and standards, mitigating your risk.

Access to Technology

Our RPO experts have access to technology and advanced accounts that find exclusive candidates that meet your qualifications while being a cultural fit for your company.

Improved Quality of Hires

The quality of hire may be one of the most sought-after benefits of an RPO. Therefore, SDHRC devotes its resources, time, and energy to learning about your business and the goals of your company before we start recruiting. Using this knowledge, we act as an extension of your team and present highly qualified candidates, who are not only skilled but are a unique cultural fit for your business.
Learn about the benefits of RPO Recruiting.

Heightened Retention Rates

Oftentimes companies using in-house recruiting are left feeling defeated and frustrated at the percentage of new hires that either quit or end up not working out after only a short period of time. Our retention rates are heightened thanks to our match-making approach where we become an extension of your team to find high-quality candidates who fit your company culture and values.

Reduced Costs

We can greatly reduce costs compared to staffing agencies and in-house recruiting departments. Our skilled RPO experts have extensive experience and defined processes which work to save you money while also providing you with exceptional candidates.

Efficient Time to Hire

There is a cost to you for each day your open position is left vacant.  For this very reason, our team of recruiters works efficiently to actively fill positions in a timely manner, saving you time and money.

Recently Filled Positions

Challenge our Recruiters to any unique role your company may have! We have such a diverse multi-talented team. To give you an idea, see the array of positions below we recently filled:
• Pilots
• Mechanics
• Biostatisticians
• Glucose Scientists
• Registered Nurses
• Project Managers
• DevOps Engineers
• Cost Accountants
• HR Directors

Our Match-Making Approach

Client Intake Session

Industry Research Stage

Eye-Catching Job Postings

Partnership Feedback Loop

Salary & Benefits Coaching

In-Depth Customized Phone Interviews

Additional Services

Salary market data.
Present job offers as a part of our recruiting services.

Salary Market Data

Present Job Offer

Reference checks SDHR Consulting.
Employee onboarding as a part of our recruiting services.

Reference Check Services

Employee Onboarding Assistance

Background checks at SDHR Consulting.
Retention follow ups as a part of our services.

Background & Drug
Check Resources

Retention Follow-Ups

Recruiting Case Studies

Do you want to learn more about how our experience and skills are demonstrated with our clients? Visit our case studies page to explore recent success stories of our clients.

Client Testimonials

"We were very happy with our recruitment experience. SDHRC has been great to work with on each of the recruitments they have helped us with, and we definitely are saving money vs. the direct placement route."

John Thiede

Director, Human Resources & Benefits,
Anesthesia Management Professionals
“At DCN Dx, we love working with SDHRC! The team is collaborative and dedicated to finding the right candidates for us. They take time to understand the roles and ensure the candidates demonstrate our core values as well as knowledge and experience. I recommend SDHRC to my colleagues when they are looking for a high-quality Talent Acquisition team. #ServiceExcellence”

Cari Prosi

HR Director, DCN Dx
"Working with SDHR makes recruiting a breeze! Melissa and the team are so easy to work with, responsive, flexible, and fast. They are able to find qualified candidates within days so you can fill your open roles quickly and move on to other priorities. Can’t say enough great things about working with them!"

Holly Keener

Sr. Director of People Operations,
Blue Sky eLearn
"Recruiting is the hardest thing I've done as a CEO but I'm super appreciative to work with a team that collaborates and communicates as well as this team has. We have placed 5 employees in the last 12 months and we are currently in the process of placing an additional 5. They have been a critical component in reducing the amount of research and vetting it takes to grow our team with quality employees."

John Acevedo

CEO, Veteran TV

Our Recruiting Team

Our diverse team of recruiters works as an extension of your own team to assist you through the recruiting process. Learn more about our recruiting team and meet our other team members on ‘Our Team‘ page.

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