Compensation Services

SDHR Consulting offers a wide array of compensation services to ensure organizations attract and retain key talent.  Regardless of your organization’s size, we have experts that will strategize and brainstorm to achieve what is at the heart of your compensation philosophy.

Job creation & maintenance plays a vital role in retaining your employees.  Having clearly defined positions using competitive pay practices contributes to keeping your talent engaged.

SDHR Consulting designs total rewards strategies that are unique and individualized for each organization.

Career framework establishes job levels and a career path, so employees know what’s ahead and can continue to grow.

Job Creation & Maintenance

Job Descriptions

Accurate and up-to-date job descriptions for all roles help ensure employees understand expectations for the job and minimum qualifications are documented.

Job Benchmarking

Updated salary pricing data ensures employees are being paid competitively for purposes of attraction and retention.

CA Pay Transparency

Given CA’s 2023 Pay Transparency and Pay Disclosure law requirements, it is crucial to have established and well thought-out pay ranges for all positions.  

Pay Equity

It is necessary to holistically evaluate your workforce to ensure there are no pay gaps or discrepancies amongst your employees.

Exemption Status Review

Total Rewards Plan Design

Short and Long-Term Incentive Plan Design

Performance Management & Ratings

Merit Increases

Establishing fair and competitive merit increases are crucial, especially in competitive industries.

Retention Tools

Sales Compensation

It is crucial sales employees have well-communicated and realistic commission plans that drive them towards their personal and company goals.

Executive Compensation

It is important that executives are compensated competitively in order to ensure the retention of critical company knowledge and talent.

Peer Group Creation

Public companies or companies looking to go public must have an established peer group to compare their compensation practices to their peers.

Career Framework

Career Mapping & Job Matrices

It is important to have a defined career map for employees, so they can reach their full potential while at the same time contributing to business objectives.

Job Leveling

Having established job levels ensures career progression can take place and job expectations are outlined.

Succession Planning

Ensure knowledge transfer and workforce planning is in place before critical talent leaves.

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