Hourly Recruiting Service


Hourly Recruiting Service

Imagine working with an HR recruiting firm motivated exclusively by your satisfaction with our recruiting services – not by commissions. Welcome to SDHR Consulting; we do things differently when it comes to our hourly recruiting service and we’re proud of it. 

“A recruiting firm not based on commissions? Really?” We hear this all the time. Our clients are often surprised by our unique hourly approach to talent acquisition, simply because they’ve never experienced anything like it before. But once they do, they’re hooked.

The difference in our nationwide hourly recruiting service is found everywhere, including in our pricing. For years, the recruiting industry has relied on charging clients up to 25%-30% percent of a candidate’s salary. Unfortunately, this practice can incentivize recruiters to simply fill the position quickly– regardless of whether the candidate is the right fit. This can also lead to cultural mismatches and a higher rate of attrition and dissatisfied clients. That’s why many of our clients prefer our as-needed hourly recruiting service as opposed to contingency fees. This recruiting model is especially convenient for those harder-to-fill, challenging positions your organization encounters from time to time.

Our Process

Lead recruiter works with your organization.


Lead recruiter to work on desired position(s) is assigned

Phone call is scheduled for hourly recruiting service.


Recruiting kick-off call is scheduled with your lead recruiter to review job posting (or create one for you) and discuss expectations on both sides

Candidate write ups are provided with our hourly recruiting service.


Candidate submittals are tracked, write-ups and evaluations are presented and interviews are scheduled using
an ATS


Ongoing check-ins with lead recruiter to discuss candidates and any suggestions surrounding job postings, job title, pay,
or comments from candidates

onboarding and offboarding are one of SDHR Consulting's HR services


Ideal candidate is selected, and recruiters can help negotiate offer, conduct reference and/or background checks, create/send
offer letter, and
onboard if needed

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