Values & Culture

The 3 C’s: Clients, Colleagues & Community

Here at SDHRC, we spend a lot of time talking about the three C’s: clients, colleagues, and community. With every decision we make, we first ask ourselves, does it benefit all three C’s? We feel it helps make us one of the best HR companies and helped us be awarded San Diego’s Best Places to Work 2022 and 2018.

Doing excellent business with our clients is at the foundation of our company, and by doing good, we mean doing the right thing. We believe in honesty, integrity, and the power of business karma.
We have a supportive environment in which all of our employees work as a team to support one another in their work and personal lives. We celebrate one another, participate in fun in-person team building events, distribute exciting SDHRC "swag", offer generous benefits, and much more!
In the spirit of doing good, part of our culture is to hire individuals who share our vision. We enthusiastically encourage community involvement among our team and are proud to support many local charities. In 2023, our team volunteered over 247 hours to nonprofits in their communities.

We’re not like most consulting firms... here’s why.

After years of witnessing unsavory practices among recruitment agencies, CEO, Julie Hunt, had the vision to turn the recruitment and HR world on its head. As a result, she built an HR company founded on the values of doing “good” business with everyone it touches – including clients, colleagues, and the community. In 2023, we had the opportunity to volunteer at Brother Benno’s as we supported their thrift shop and helped prepare for a holiday event for children in need.

Learn how our unique values and culture drive all our business decisions.

In the land of SDHRC, a culture of positivity and support drives our business model. We treat our people with dignity and respect. We make sure our clients get exceptional services tailored to their individual needs. Of course, we are for finding top, “right-fit” talent and keeping them happy at all levels of the organization. This is what we’re against: price-gouging, “phoning it in,” and relying on one-size-fits-all services. With SDHRC, we promise you’ll get a fully committed team who are on a mission to delight.

Pioneering a work/life balance model for the 21st century.

In building our team of top-tier recruiters and HR specialists, we realized there was a wealth of untapped talent who were eager to share their skills and knowledge, but who needed the flexibility to make it work with their family obligations. Thus, the SDHRC “mom bench” was born and quickly grew to include dads, grandparents, dog moms, and anyone looking for a flexible work environment. We believe family should always come first and are proving every day that work/life balance is not only possible but a key ingredient to making a business thrive. I guess you could say we made remote work “cool” before the pandemic made it a thing!

Michael volunteering at the Brother Benno's Thrift Shop in preparation of their holiday donation event.

Check out our featured volunteer spotlight:


For the past year, SDHRC HR Consultant, Michael Moskowitz, has consistently volunteered for the Brother Benno Foundation, a nonprofit that has been serving the poor and homeless in San Diego North County since 1983. Michael had always been vexed by the homeless situation in our city, state, county and country. He felt it was a growing problem with no solution despite the resources put toward trying to address it. He had been wanting to contribute to the effort of homelessness, but he didn't know how, until he found Brother Benno's that is.

How did you get into volunteering?

"Brother Benno became my client. I worked on a project for them and through that effort, I got to speak with their Board members, staff and volunteers. I was very impressed with the depth of their dedication to the effort and the tremendously comprehensive and effective array of services they provided. They really liked the HR work I did for them, so we established a mutual admiration for each other. They asked me to join their Board and I was honored to accept. "

Do you have a favorite memory from volunteering with Brother Benno's you would like to share?

"I am constantly struck with how appreciative each Board member, staff member and volunteer is with any assistance I am able to provide them. I think of their work as being so much more challenging and difficult than my efforts in assisting them, but through their genuine praise and appreciation of my assistance on their behalf, they make me feel like I am contributing in an important way to addressing the needs of the homeless community."

Anything else you would like to add or share?

The Volunteer Manager asked Board members if they had anything to share to include with a recent monthly newsletter. I immediately thought a poem would be appropriate and in no time I wrote one. They liked it so much they included it in the February edition. Here it is:

Our Homeless Nation
Homeless people everywhere. Endless seas of deep despair. Solutions nowhere to be found for people living on the ground.
Mental illness on the street. People lying at your feet. Drug addiction plain in sight gives us all an awful fright.
Causes are so complicated. Helping hands are inundated. All affected keep on rising, Government is analyzing.
Help appears in many places, Comfort for some worn out faces. Housing vouchers, meals and more, Daily rescues by the score.
What can average people do to help these lost souls start anew? Volunteer or a donation? Reach out to our homeless nation.

What do we love about our company culture?

“It’s simple. Our leadership cares about the human being. SDHRC has built an innovative culture of satisfied employees and engagement opportunities by focusing on what our employees already know they want and need to be successful. We are a team of human professionals who learn from one another, support out of the box ideas and bring new concepts to the table. And are met with acceptance and interest! I did not realize what I was getting myself into when I started with SDHRC. And it has completely changed the way I think about culture!”

Lori Jolly



Each of our employees play their own part in forming part of our amazingly well-rounded and unique team.  Our employees are what drives the energy and new ideas behind San Diego Human Resources Consulting.  I am beyond grateful to work with my colleagues because they are respectful, approachable, and ultimately enjoy life.  The work-life balance isn’t just from a textbook, but lived out in practice, which is truly appreciated.  Our team works collaboratively as a whole to best support one another, our clients and our community.”

Katie Pierce

First Impressions Manager

Business Development

“What do I love about SDHRC’s company culture? Company culture is created by a shared pattern of basic assumptions made by the people who comprise the organization. I believe we share the following assumptions: 1) The SDHRC brand has attracted the most interesting array of clients an HR consultant could hope for. 2) We want our clients to succeed, we want to succeed individually, we want our teammates to succeed, and we want our leader to succeed. 3) We are given the tools to facilitate success – templates, processes, information, and
person to person support.”

Michael Moskowitz

HR Consultant

Human Resources

Complimentary Outplacement Volunteer Services

Has your organization been forced to downsize perhaps due to COVID? If you have employees in need of career and outplacement assistance, we are here to help. Community is one of our core values, and to show our devotion to giving back we are offering complimentary outplacement services to our existing clients free of charge. Please reach out to for more information.