AB 168 Prevents California Employers from Seeking Applicant’s Salary History

11.02.17Baylee Olsen

Are you ready for 2018?
Big changes regarding salary information

AB 168 prohibits employers from asking job applicants for salary history information, including compensation and benefits.
The Governor signed AB 168, which prohibits employers from asking job applicants for salary history information. Effective January 1, 2018, this law applies to all employers, regardless of size, or whether they are private industry or state and local government. So, how does this specifically affect your business?

  • Employment applications cannot include requests for salary history information.
  • Hiring managers won’t be able to ask questions related to salary, compensation, or benefits history
  • If a candidate volunteers salary information, the employer cannot use it when determining the offer.
  • Employers must provide the pay scale for a specific position when requested

Our team of experienced HR consultants can help you prepare for this change by updating your employment application and other related new hire documents, coaching you on interviewing practices, and helping your business set up competitive salary ranges that will give you an edge in your recruiting process.

We know keeping up with all these changes can be a drain on your time and energy. SDHRC’s Compensation Analysis Solution is a pain-free, cost-effective way to take care of compliance while ensuring your ability to remain the employer of choice by attracting and retaining talented employees.
New Year resolutions often dwindle to the side but this law is here to stay and its impact can hugely affect your business.

Contact us today and we will help you plan for a compliant and successful New Year!