Case Study: B.Wood Insurance 

Engagement Highlights:

  • SDHRC hired 3 key employees for B.Wood Insurance Agency costing them less than 5% of the candidates base salary! If B.Wood had used a staffing firm, they would have spent approximately 20%-30% of the candidates’ base salary!
  • In just a 2 week short timeframe, SDHRC conducted a comprehensive HR Audit to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws and gave the team peace of mind knowing they had the right HR policies and procedures in place.


Once Upon a Time…

B.Wood Insurance Agency, one of the fastest growing employee benefits brokerages in California, was faced with several HR dilemmas. The agency had minimal HR infrastructure and policies in place, the roster of long term employees consisted of family members or long-time friends of the family and there was a growing concern about compliance in the ever-changing legal climate in California. Due to their growth, B.Wood also needed to hire a new Bilingual Insurance candidate. This candidate would be a critical hire, as they required someone with experience outside their usual hiring pool and someone who would fit into their current culture.

B.Wood attempted to find a candidate on their own without success. They needed help but with a limited budget, so a staffing agency with enormous fees was out of the question. Cue music…enter SDHRC.


SDHRC identified the perfect match within a very short timeframe and found the right bilingual candidate with the right experience and the right cultural fit! SDHRC successfully led the entire interview process and conducted the reference checks…. with room to spare! This outstanding bilingual insurance representative was hired within a 9 hour time frame, which cost B.Wood 2% of base salary! The average staffing firm would charge roughly 20%-30% of base salary!
The right match was found but now B.Wood needed to ensure the hiring process for this new employee was legally compliant in all things HR. Cue music…the return of SDHRC!
SDHRC conducted an HR audit to review B.Wood’s HR processes and paperwork to ensure legal compliance and best practices, which would continue through their business growth.
SDHRC created a new employee handbook which matched the culture of B.Wood, as well as, the legally required new hire and termination paperwork. SDHRC updated all employee job descriptions, provided exempt/non-exempt guidance, and created the legally required Injury Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP).

In just an additional 2-week timeframe, SDHRC ensured B.Wood had the right HR policies and procedures in place. B.Wood is now compliant in all HR matters, and the new employee was able to onboard with the correct new hire packet, handbook and job description. B.Wood’s owners could now sleep better at night knowing they were legally compliant with no outstanding liabilities from an HR and legal perspective.

But the story doesn’t end there. Since that time, SDHRC has helped B.Wood hire two more employees and each candidate cost less than 5% of the base salary; however if they had used a staffing firm, they would have spent approximately 20%-30% of the candidates’ base salary. All three employees are still employed and .thriving. Lastly, B.Wood recommends SDHRC consulting services to all of their clients with an HR need as part of their insurance coverage offerings. SDHRC brings peace of mind not only for B.Wood but for all their clients too. As all stories end, they all lived happily ever after.