Is Artificial Intelligence replacing the human touch in Recruitment?

08.16.23Olivia Hernandez

In the days where technology is increasingly replacing the human touch, some technologies are a value add to the customer experience. There has been a lot of buzz recently about automated platforms in Recruitment such as Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Machine Learning replacing the Recruiter by increasing production and candidate experience.

By and large, recruitment has always been a very hands-on job, with so many factors beyond experience and education; there will always be the need for the human touch. Some Recruiting professionals have raised concerns that AI could replace the Recruiter, but in HR, the interpersonal aspect will always have a role in hiring. AI for recruitment is helping recruiters to fast forward through some of the details to bring them to qualified candidates quicker than ever.

There are many pros and cons when discussing AI in Recruitment. For one, AI can be a value add by removing unconscious bias in the process but it can also create issues with candidate experience by feeling generic and engaging with chatbots versus actual recruiters in the early stages.

For the Candidate

Job seeking can be a grueling task for the candidate but utilizing the appropriate technologies can have a strong, positive impact. By using AI, candidates are able to quickly identify opportunities that match their experience by using the data in their resume and comparing it against numerous job boards compiling a list of potential opportunities that they may have never located. AI can also help job seekers to more effectively locate opportunities based on their experience despite job titles (we all know that searching for PM in one company could be coined a Ninja in another, thus not effectively marketing their positions).

For the Recruiter

AI uses predictive analytics that can provide insight on not only a potential candidate’s experience via their resume but also pulling information from social media profiles and other online sources to determine additional interests or experience that might be a benefit to the opportunity. AI also helps recruiters to identify top talent more effectively, using AI can pull information from various sources outside of job sites like professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, to also produce passive candidates. AI Recruiting software can sort through a large number of potential candidates in a short period of time, thus increasing candidate experience by shortening the time it takes for Recruiters to identify potential candidates.

Overall, AI helps to streamline the entire recruiting process for the job seeker as well as the Recruiter/employer. Effectively utilizing technology is not something to be deterred by but instead harnessed for better outcomes in shorter periods of time. Utilizing AI essentially is working through Machine Learning algorithms to detect the most qualified match based on experience and education. Machine Learning is not new to the Recruitment process but coupled with other features of AI it sorts out the most qualified candidates in a more timely fashion.

We encourage you or your internal Recruiters to give AI a try when posting a new position!  If you ultimately still need assistance in finding better qualified candidates, sifting through resumes, or proactively sourcing for that perfect candidate, feel free to reach out to our team for assistance. 

Author: Crystal Eckel