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San Diego Human Resource Consulting is a San Diego-based HR Consulting and Recruiting company that has been “doing good business” for decades. We have an exceptional team with a diverse skillset and extensive experience that provides you with a one-stop-shop for HR Consulting and Recruiting services. SDHR Consulting was voted as 2022’s ‘Best Places to Work’ and is a ‘Certified Woman’s Business Enterprise.’ By valuing our three C’s: Clients, Colleagues, and Community we create an environment that puts your business first and provides insight into the bigger picture of HR.

We’re Your One-Stop-Shop

With a wide range of HR and Recruiting solutions under one roof, we are able to meet all your Human Resources needs.
We love providing good business to our HR clients

We Do Good Business

Yep, we’re a bunch of do-gooders, doing “good” business for every client. We believe in business karma and exercise ethical business practices with your best interests in mind.

Happy Employees = Happy Clients

We practice what we preach at SDHRC. We create a positive workplace because happy employees create the happiest clients.
HR consultants provide visionary leadership

Visionary Leadership

We founded San Diego Human Resources Consulting to provide truly different – may we even say, revolutionary - HR and Recruiting services and we continue to flex and redefine with changing times and needs.
Meet SDHR Consulting's team of HR consultants and recruiters.


Our Team

We work together, utilizing our diverse skill sets and backgrounds, to provide outstanding Human Resources and Recruiting services. With extensive experience and can-do attitudes, we know you will love our team as much as we do.


In Action

SDHR Consulting CEO, Julie Wootton and HR Lead, Traci Hagan are guests of the Vista Chamber of Commerce’s podcast “Velocity” where they discuss new 2023 CA HR laws impacting businesses and their employees. 

Transformative HR Consulting Services

Our friendly, down-to-earth HR experts can help transform your organization, whether it’s ensuring compliance across the board or developing impactful leaders in your organization.

Innovative Recruiting Solutions

Our unique matchmaking approach and highly efficient Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model to recruiting results in an average retention rate of 90% or higher and costs our clients more than 1/2 the cost of standard agency rates.

View our current openings, we would love to set you up with your dream job!

hr consulting and recruiting employees
Testimonials from clients about our HR and Recruiting services.
Exceptional Clients
hr consulting and recruiting services based in San Diego but serving many states.
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Client Testimonials

"Recruiting is the hardest thing I've done as a CEO but I'm super appreciative to work with a team that collaborates and communicates as well as this team has. We have placed 5 employees in the last 12 months and we are currently in the process of placing an additional 5. They have been a critical component in reducing the amount of research and vetting it takes to grow our team with quality employees."

John Acevedo

“At DCN Dx, we love working with SDHRC! The team is collaborative and dedicated to finding the right candidates for us. They take time to understand the roles and ensure the candidates demonstrate our core values as well as knowledge and experience. I recommend SDHRC to my colleagues when they are looking for a high-quality Talent Acquisition team. #ServiceExcellence”

Cari Prosi

HR Director, DCN Dx
“SDHR Consulting is a great resource for my small business, and it has been wonderful working with the SDHRC team! They are always available to provide extremely valuable input and help us define the essential policies our startup needs. I appreciate their ability to return requests quickly and with great care and attention to detail. I will continue to use SDHRC and their services for years to come!”

Kashmir Loveless

COO, Honest Medical


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