An End of the Year Letter From Our CEO

12.15.22Baylee Davies

An End of the Year Letter From Our CEO

Traditionally the holidays revolve around words: Peace, Hope, and Joy.  Throughout the world, the month of December turns into a spending frenzy as millions of people go into a gift-buying extravaganza.  At the end of the day, what people are trying to buy is happiness.  

How can we bring holiday joy to our workplace, family, and friends along with a little peace and hope?  Let generosity be one of your commitments.  December is a great time to recognize and make plans to enhance peace, hope and joy in your life and workplace.

Give the Gift of Peace:  Let go of differences and reclaim peace in your relationships.  Give yourself permission to forgive and let go of any bitterness you might be holding from the past.  It is irrational and prideful to assume that almost everyone is going to agree with you.  Plan to listen and hear rather than judge. Set an intention for the new year to give the gift of peace, forgive, let go, learn and grow. 

Foster Hope for Better Days Ahead:  Hope is the belief that our future can be better than our past.  At this time of year, a person feels hope by viewing people treating others in a kinder manner.  A simple greeting of “Happy Holidays,” a person holding a door open for another or an employee offering unsolicited assistance to an employee burdened with an increased workload all demonstrate a sense of caring.  How many times have you heard someone say that it would be nice if the warm, giving spirit of the holiday season would last through the new year, and even beyond?…

This holiday season, SDHRC replaced our annual San Diego seasonal event, with a half day of volunteering our services to support one of our valued clients, Brother Benno’s, by wrapping gifts to be distributed to children in need this holiday season. Supporting our clients, community and colleagues give SDHRC hope and peace all year long.

Make the Holidays Filled With Joy:  Think about joy as gifts you can share with others.  Holidays are a celebration, not a chore.  Don’t let the “busy-ness” of the holidays spoil time together.  Are there some things you could do less of and enjoy more? Focus on what makes you happy, savor the small things, happy moments, ration your time – meaning put away your cell phone and focus on being in the moment, think happy thoughts and more importantly, be kind to yourself and each other.  Now, if you happen to find yourself with some “holidaze” blues, remember this, “Take a Moment to Stop, Smell the Roses and Blow out the Candle!” As quoted by my dear friend and client’s five-year-old daughter, when her Mom was having a “holidaze” moment at the grocery store and such great advice thanks to her daughter, who is wise beyond her age!

Thank you for trusting our team at SDHR Consulting as your HR and Recruiting partner.  We strive to put our all into everything we do and provide the absolute best service for our valued clients.  Please remember to take a moment to stop, smell the roses, blow out the candle and enjoy!   May peace, hope, and joy be part of your Holiday Season and for many years to come. 

Julie Wootton, CEO

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Julie Wootton, The Fearless Leader

Julie is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of San Diego Human Resources Consulting. Julie has more than 20 years of experience in human resources management working with multiple industries such as startups, consulting, recruiting firms, technology, SaaS, marketing and advertising agencies, education, telecommunications, service, and entertainment.