Downloadable Resource: 2023 Compliance Checklist for CA

01.05.23Baylee Davies
2023 compliance checklist for CA new laws.

2023 CA HR Compliance Checklist

As in past years, 2023 brings new challenges for employers and new rights for employees. To start off the new year, we are providing this complimentary 2023 New Year’s CA HR Checklist to help you stay up-to-date and remain compliant. You can also check out our previous blogs on what is new for 2023. These include 2022/2023 Legal Updates for California; Part 1 and Part 2 and 2023 Increases to Benefit Contributions and Minimum Wages. Do you have employees outside of California? No problem, we can help you stay compliant in other states as well!

The last few years have been difficult ones and we hope we are nearing the other side of the pandemic. During this trying time, many employers have learned the importance of keeping their employees engaged and motivated which in turn has helped their businesses to survive and even flourish. They understand the importance of retaining good employees and have worked hard to avoid the Great Resignation (or as the Gallup Organization calls it, the Great Discontent).

One way to start the new year right is to take stock of your employees’ engagement levels and determine where the gaps might be in retaining them. As always, we are here to help navigate the complexities of the laws and regulations that impact your business but we can also help you determine those things that will keep your employees motivated, high-performing, customer-focused, and invested in making your company successful.

Contact us for more information on how we can help your business to thrive now and in the future.

In the meantime, please enjoy this poem about the importance of leadership for fostering employee engagement and avoiding the damage caused by Quiet Quitting by our talented poet aka HR Consultant, Michael Moskowitz.
Collect the same amount of pay but do less of the work.
Who pays the price for all the tasks that silently get shirked?
The war on work has got a name,
They call it quiet quitting,
But causes and solutions are predictively misfitting.

Is it the overbearing boss’ criticizing style?
What makes employees step back and not go the extra mile?
Is it that the mission’s not important anymore?
The org had the advantage,
Time to even up the score?

Maybe comp and benefits that fall behind inflation
has led to people checking out
and caused demotivation.
Perhaps the opportunity to prosper and to grow,
Is destined not by merit but by who it is you know.

Retention and commitment,
What is the magic potion
that keeps employees with the right desire and devotion?
A welcome work environ is the thing that really matters.
It changes conversations from the quiet quitting chatter.

Leadership makes culture.
It’s where the challenge starts.
To use an old expression “put the horse before the cart.”
Active leaders set the tone for all that is to follow,
Without commitment from the top,
A pep talk’s hard to swallow.

Download the 2023 CA HR Compliance Checklist

Blog and Checklist Written By: Traci Hagan, Lead HR Consultant

Poem Written By: Michael Moskowitz, HR Consultant