CalSavers Reminder

03.02.20Baylee Davies

CalSavers is a workplace retirement savings program for private-sector workers whose employers do not provide them with a retirement plan. The CalSavers plan is voluntary for employees, and there are no administrative costs to employers. Although CalSavers is intended to have little to none administrative requirements for employers, many employers may still be left with questions on deadlines and procedures when it comes to this program. It is important to keep in mind employers with 5+ employers are required to comply with CalSavers if the company does not have a retirement plan through the private market. 

Important Dates

July 1, 2019
CalSavers Retirement Savings Program opened to all eligible employers 

June 30, 2020
Employers with 100+ employees are required to comply

June 30, 2021
Employers with 50+ employees are required to comply

June 30, 2022
Employers with 5+ employees are required to comply

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