Finding Happiness and Positivity in Uncertain Times

04.09.20Baylee Davies

At SDHRC, we know these times can be unsettling and stressful as the coronavirus has shifted the routine of our daily lives. From working from home, homeschooling, virtual happy hours, and everything in between. One thing you can be in control of in your daily life in these uncertain times is to focus on your mindset and positivity. Here is a list of ways we are staying happy and positive that we wanted to share with you:

  • Clenching and releasing your muscles is the most effective way to become aware that your body is tensing up and how to control it
  • Workout in order to release endorphins which are natural painkillers and mood enhancers as well as reducing the stress hormone, cortisol
  • Practice yoga to stretch, relax your mind, and lower your heart rate
  • Smell some Lavender! Lavender is proven to lower stress and lower your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Smile and stay positive – just the act of smiling can improve your mood
  • Chew some gum which is shown to promote relaxation as well as reduce anxiety and stress
  • Eat chocolate which may improve memory, mood, and immunity (scientists are torn on the scientific proof behind this one but who doesn’t love a good piece of chocolate when they’re feeling down?!)
  • Take breaks throughout the day to gather yourself, meditate, and focus on mindfulness
  • Try various breathing techniques such as slowing inhaling to a count of 4 seconds, holding for 4, and exhaling for 4, repeat as many times as necessary. Allowing the air to build in your stomach as opposed to your chest reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Question your thoughts by asking things like, “Is my worry realistic?” “If the worst possible outcome happens, what would be so bad about my worry?” “What do I have to be thankful for right now in these anxious times?”
  • Watch a funny video, movie, show, or indulge in some funny memes that have been circulating lately
  • Don’t forget to stay in contact with loved ones during our time in isolation. Call an old friend, send a letter to someone you care about or plan a video conference party/wine night/brunch, etc.
  • Give what you can in times of hardship. Consider donating time or money to local food banks such as the San Diego Food Bank, consider getting crafty and making masks for those in need, and explore more ways to help which will create full circle positivity.