How To Hire When Every Good Employee Is Working


Where Have All The Good Ones Gone? A tweak to a Van Halen song and good times to good ones mean where have the good employees gone. You know, the ones who support you and your company; who pick up that extra project; who prove their worth in gold when it comes to dependability and tenacity; who you’d name your firstborn after them.

A signed resignation letter staring back at you; that dreaded email sent from your ‘A’ player (unless you can claim the junk filter ate it?); or hope against hope, the ‘other’ company slides into ruin and voids the offer to your top performer. Such thoughts may run through a hiring manager’s head when faced with a prospective loss and with good reason. Good people? Hard to find. Thus, begins the costly, time-consuming and sometimes, downright humorous hiring process. Just ask us! We’ve got stories.

In today’s hiring market of Generation X, Millennials, and Baby Boomers, appealing to these diverse needs and desires can be challenging. Here are a few ways to navigate the hiring tides to find great waves of employees.


  1. Examine your hiring practices. According to a 2016 Glassdoor poll, the top two obstacles to increasing headcount were: Shortage of candidates and lengthy hiring processes with 47% of declined offers due to candidates accepting other jobs. What development opportunities are available for your employees? A whopping 67% of current generation employees list career development programs as a huge retention incentive.
  2. Transparency. If your company offers an amazing 100% paid benefits package, a flexible work schedule and 5-star lunches, make certain that’s clear in the job description. If you are a small start-up not yet prepared to offer such perks, perhaps offer company stock or yearly revenue bonus. Always inform a future candidate of their potential with your company. Address any negative reviews a candidate may have seen and be prepared to invite and answer questions. Ask a current and trusted employee to be a part of the interview process. According to a recent review statistic, over 45% of candidates have strong hesitation about a company upon reading a less than glowing report.
  3. Increase your social media presence. Social media is a legitimate avenue for finding passive, qualified candidates. A 2016 Society for Human Resource Management survey found over 90% of companies are, or are planning to, use social media to recruit their next employee and 82% of HR Professionals reported social media is where they recruit passive candidates!
  4. Hire San Diego Human Resources. Good employees aren’t always working for good companies. Align your hiring needs with a company that specializes in Human Resource practice, recruiting, retention plans and comprehensive management guidance. We are experts at finding candidates for high visibility roles or the ‘one off’ positions. We value our clients, candidates and our team. We are prepared to handle the most challenging positions and present you with your next ‘A’ player!