An Uplifting Holiday Message From Our CEO!

12.21.21Baylee Davies

An Uplifting Holiday Message From Our CEO!

Dear Colleagues, Clients, and Friends,

As you begin to wind down for the holidays and new year, I hope this letter finds you content and well.  My intent is to keep this message optimistic and uplifting, as we can all use positive inspiration and cheer right now.  The holiday season can mean different things to different people, as it can represent wonderful and joyful memories, or it may be overwhelming and lonely.  My heart recognizes and empathizes with those experiencing hardships and mixed emotions this holiday season.  Somewhere in the whirlwind of mixed emotion, many of us are experiencing gratitude for this past year and eagerness for a fresh start in the year ahead; I know I am. 

With the current employment challenges, I am grateful for the continued support and interest you have shown in working with our organization.  In celebrating our 18th anniversary this coming year, we will continue to provide top-notch, high-level, and uniquely tailored services for your organization.  Our goal for 2022 is to assist our clients to transition to a safe, legally sound, and respectful workplace in the era of COVID.

For now, I hope you have time to relax and reflect on your positive accomplishments this past year.  I encourage you to step out of the norm and try something new.  This may include acting as a tourist and doing a little sightseeing around your town, writing a letter to an old friend, trying new food, or pampering yourself at a spa.

As you make plans for 2022, I hope you will commit to investing in your own growth and health.  If we all share a mutual goal of fostering self-improvement and a safe workplace, our team will be stronger and productive as a collective community. 

Happy Holidays!

With gratitude and appreciation, 

Julie Wootton