Our HR Audits Give You Greater Peace of Mind

Are HR audits really necessary? The short answer is, yes. Conducting regular audits are crucial for your business. As a result, you can ensure compliance, reduce risk and protect your company against potential lawsuits.

Confounded by compliance laws? We get it, and we can help.

Sometimes you need a well-versed professional to take an objective look at your business practices in order to answer the ever-burning question, “Am I doing this right?” and importantly, “Am I doing this in compliance with employment laws?” You may not be an HR audit pro, however, we are. Our thorough HR audit services help you identify any problem areas and make sure all boxes are checked and bases covered so you can rest better at night.

Type’s of Audits

Sometimes you require a comprehensive audit of all things HR-related, while other times you just need to evaluate one key area. Most importantly, our staff has extensive knowledge of employment laws and HR best practices. Therefore, they can handle audits of all sizes, identifying and making recommendations on items that need improvement.

There are several types we can conduct, including:


We’ll ensure your HR materials, policies and procedures are adhering to local, state and federal laws so we can protect your business and minimize risk.

Employee Handbook

Whether your handbook needs an overhaul or creation from the ground up, we’ll make sure all your policies and procedures are effectively conveyed in this critical tool for educating staff.

Best Practices

We will determine whether your procedures are in accordance with the field’s most effective, efficient and ethical standards of business so you will always be in compliance.


Our staff will conduct an exhaustive review of your communications materials. This includes your legally required posters, benefits descriptions, website, and forms.


Got just one area that needs a review? We can take a deep dive into one specific business function if needed, such as payroll, benefits, hiring or performance management.


We determine if your HR operations match up with your organization’s overall business strategy and provide suggestions for improvement.

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