Regular workplace training can improve your company’s culture – and its bottom line

What’s the key to success in business? Firstly, it’s your people, plain and simple. In other words, when your employees are unmotivated, stagnant or lack the skills they need to succeed, it can have a devastating effect on morale and productivity. As a result, this ultimately shows up in your bottom line. This is where HR training and development comes in. 

What’s our secret? Complete customization when it comes to HR training and development. 

At SDHR Consulting, we never give the same training twice, as a result, the training is fun, engaging, and useful. To clarify, while we are well-versed in a number of popular workplace training topics, each session we deliver is unique and based on the culture and personality of the organization. Therefore, we go out of our way to become intimately familiar with your employee population and adapt our training to match their education, experience level, attitudes and vernacular.

Interactive programs that cultivate highly effective managers

If your teams aren’t performing the way they should, it could be the result of ineffective management. However, our interactive workshops and development programs can help your managers tap into their own skills and give them the tools they need so they can become a stronger team leader.

Furthermore, whether you want a one-hour workshop or an ongoing development program, our expert team will deliver training that’s completely customized to the needs of your workforce.

Our process is engaging, relatable, and designed to leave a lasting impression

Moreover, after doing a deep dive into your organization’s culture, our trainers design a fun, memorable workplace training session involving role play and lots of interactions among participants. For that reason, the HR training and development sticks because we speak in a language they can relate to and address the issues that matter to them most in their roles at work – and as people.

Here’s what you won’t get: dry, dull seminars that involve little more than reading bullet points off a PowerPoint. Above all, we make sure your team leaves the training feeling energized, motivated and ready to make a difference.

Example class topics

Most noteworthy, we can create a tailored class based on your needs. Need some ideas? Select from one of our popular topics, including:

  • New Manager Bootcamp Training Series – The Essentials For New Managers
  • Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training (AB1825 in California)
  • Executive Coaching
  • 10 Habits of Frequently-Sued Managers
  • How to Transform a Manager Into a Leader
  • Bird DISC Training
  • StrengthsFinder Training
  • Turning Performance Around With Powerful Performance Reviews
  • Impactful Resume Writing Workshop
  • Terminations: How to Do It Legally and Respectfully
  • Improving Your Interviewing Skills
  • Providing Feedback to Employees
  • Coaching & Employee Accountability
  • Communication Skills for New Managers
  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Resolving and Managing Conflicts
  • Improving Communication Skills and Interpersonal Relationships
  • ADA Compliance Training

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