Why You Don’t Need That Perfect Match

08.05.21Baylee Davies

Why You Don’t Need That Perfect Match

As someone who has “been in the (Recruiting) game” for a few years, I have seen some trends. Since I started my career in IT staffing – I was able to see a LOT of new tech and roles come into the world. We would have roles ranging from all-encompassing for the IT space to the super-specialist who had a hard line in the sand of where their role started and stopped.  I have seen huge COLOs to cloud transitions; data warehouses to big data/AI. And, as the years went by, people in IT gained more experience in different areas because it was, frankly, learn in self-defense, or they would no longer be able to work their tech.

That short story brings me to the point of this posting; and why you should stop looking for that 100% candidate match for your openings. The story of the change and growth of the IT arena is just one small area but it can translate into any skill set from Finance, Health Care, Oil & Gas, Human Resources, Education, etc, etc. As the world grew, each of the areas has seen new technologies, certifications, and legal obligations come forward.

That long-term employee has decided to move on… you know the one who meets all of the company needs, or perhaps you are in a rapid growth mode and want to “clone” your top person in Sales, Administration or Tech which leaves you to wonder, now what? I have good news for you – you most likely grew that employee into that “perfect employee.”  Every person had to learn the way of the organization, become familiar with policies and procedures, and the overall lay of the land (and team).

Working with a Partner (like SHDR Consulting) can help you identify those “must-haves” versus “the nice to haves”; what can you nurture in someone who maybe does not have 100% of the skills/certs/tech you do with your great wealth of knowledge. Attitude and aptitude can make huge differences with employees so, next time you have a new opening, take a look at the potential of the person along with what they are able to bring to your table now. 

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Beth is a Technical Recruiter who has been with SDHRC for over 2 years but has over 16 years of experience! Clients guaranteed to make the “Noce List” always find satisfaction with Beth’s checking off the “right fit” box between client and candidate.