Pioneering a Model So Working Women Can Have it All

03.07.19Baylee Olsen

Cheers to celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2019. This day started back in 1909 to recognize women and their achievements, regardless of their cultural, political, ethnic and religious backgrounds. It’s a day to highlight women all over the world, and each year there’s a theme. This year the focus is on a gender-balanced world.

As a company, we’re proud to say that this is our focus all year long.

Part-time working women are one of the largest untapped reservoir of top talent today.   Over seven years ago we had a vision of tapping into building our team of top-tier recruiters and HR specialists. We realized there was a wealth of incredibly capable professionals who are eager to share their skills and knowledge, but who needed the flexibility to make it work with their family obligations.

Thus, the SDHRC “mom bench” was born.

We believe in families first and are proving every day that work/life balance is not only possible, but a key ingredient to making a business thrive.  We leverage technology, teamwork, camaraderie to foster a work from home mode to support our recruiters and Professional HR Consultants to deliver best in class results for our customers and the what we believe to be the best work environment in our field.

“Throw a coin in a wishing well and you will be rewarded with your dream job! SDHRC is that job that makes all of your friends jealous. SDHRC walks, no dances, the buzzword talk. Flexibility, available support from every corner of the company, opportunities, mentorship, and development provides life’s enjoyment, at work and in the home.”  

– Suzy Robinson, Service Team Delivery Manager

By creating job opportunities for incredibly talented women who otherwise would have to choose between career and raising their family, furthering their education or chasing their passions, we’ve found the key to hiring the best workforce.  The results speak for themselves, we have very little employee attrition, incredibly happy customers and were recently selected as one of the Best Places to Work in San Diego.

We recently polled our employees and found that 92% are happily engaged!   

“I’m so thankful to be a part of SDHRC and so thankful for the incredible lifestyle and opportunities this company has offered me.”

– Rachel Redmond, Lead Recruiter

If anybody needs time off at a moments notice one of their colleagues will step in and pick up the slack. With confidence, we say that our firm hires the most passionate, smart, and capable women.  Our success is driven by them, we call it trickle down happiness, happy employees lead to happy customers.

“Working for SDHRC has given me the blessing of being able to do it all! I am able to use (not lose) the recruiting skills that earned over the years, be available for my family when kids are sick or things need to get done during the workday, travel to Atlanta frequently to see my parents, and have funny and intelligent women to collaborate with!”

– Courtney Closner, Recruiter

We even took it a step further by providing benefits for part-time employees such as medical benefits, matching IRA, 1 week paid Community Volunteer Service, bonuses, opportunities for career advancement, mentoring and we recognize and celebrate those that contribute to our core values, the 3 C’s::  Colleagues, Clients and Community.  

It takes more than being a talented professional to join our team. Everyone embraces teamwork, excellent client support and giving back to our communities. And we celebrate a LOT, from birthdays to holidays to workplace anniversaries!

“SDHRC is a dream come true. It’s the perfect balance of career and family. As a mom there is nothing more important than being present for my children. As a working woman I desire to contribute to an organization and grow in my career and at SDHRC I get to do both. Collaborating with like-minded, strong, bright and talented women is one of the many perks. We not only support each other professionally but personally. These women are my friends.” — Melissa Deaton, Lead Recruiter