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01.27.21Baylee Davies

SDHRC Birds Flock Together

Taking Flight with DISC

They say birds of a feather flock together and that couldn’t be more true for San Diego Human Resources Consulting, Inc.! In 2017 and 2018, we had two in-person DISC trainings for each of our teams (HR and Recruiting) to discover if they were an Eagle, Parrot, Dove, or Owl. Fast forward to last week when we completed our first virtual training to certify the newer members of our flock. This training was conducted virtually by our very own DISC training expert, Rachel Hart who did a phenomenal job informing our team about DISC and keeping the training entertaining.  

The goal of the Taking Flight with DISC training program is to determine your personality style when it comes to work and personal life alike. This in return helps you learn about others around you and present yourself accordingly. The most fun and unique part? Each of the 4 personality types are related to birds making it easy to remember and quick to assess others dominant style. One major takeaway, no matter the type of bird, SDHRC birds flock together.

Visit ‘Our Team’ page to learn more about each of our team members and the diverse skillset they can bring to the table. Additionally, visit our ‘Training + Development’ page to learn more about the DISC training as well as other training opportunities for your business.

Our Flock of DISC Birds


  • Julie Wootton – CEO


  • Baylee Olsen – Marketing
  • Brenda Olsen – Ops
  • Kristen Scarbarth – Ops
  • Katie Pierce – HR
  • Melissa Deaton – Recruiting
  • Tanya Carbaugh – Recruiting


  • Cherie Beck – HR
  • Marsi Harris – HR
  • Rachel Hart – HR
  • Traci Hagan – HR
  • Vanessa Negrete – HR
  • Anna Keith – Recruiting
  • Courtney Closner – Recruiting
  • Crystal Eckel – Recruiting
  • Emma Torres – Recruiting
  • Emmily Hunter – Recruiting
  • Rachel Redmond – Recruiting


  • Suzy Robinson –  Ops
  • Kelly Dingess – HR
  • Laura Miller – HR
  • Beth Noce – Recruiting
  • Julie Reed – Recruiting
  • Lori Jolly – Recruiting

About the Author

Baylee Olsen, “Delightful Designer”

Baylee Olsen is a talented designer who has been with SDHRC for 1 year. A recent graduate from UCSD in Visual Arts Speculative Design, Baylee is instrumental in the design and branding of SDHRC’s most favored campaigns, service offering brochures, and webpages.