Top 5 Benefits from Improving Employee Engagement

05.04.17Baylee Olsen

Would you like to improve productivity, have less turnover, improve your company’s reputation, and have more cheerful and satisfied employees?

If your answer is “Um, yeah!”, reviewing your employee’s level of engagement is probably the best place to start.

Here are 5 important advantages of employee engagement and a few reasons why employee engagement can play a major role in the overall success of your company.

1. Improved Productivity

When employees are engaged at work, they feel a connection with the company. They believe in the work that they do and feel that the work is important. These employees will work harder, will produce more, and will produce at a higher quality because of the pride they take in their work.

2. Boost in Profits

Engaged employees are also often motivated to be creative and focus on the company’s bigger picture. They are more likely to find new and better ways of completing tasks and projects, ultimately resulting in a boost of company productivity and profits.

3. Higher Retention

When employees are happy at work, they are less inclined to look for other opportunities. When employees feel needed, appreciated and entrenched in the company culture and relationships, companies receive benefits such as reduced turnover rates and boosted employee retention.

4. Superior Company Reputation

An enthusiastic and engaged employee will likely talk to friends, family, and customers about their job, how they enjoy where they work and what they do. An obvious advantage of having engaged employees. Disengaged workers, unfortunately, are even more likely to do the same, but will have all the ugly things to say about your company. These days, with all the social forums and sites out there, one single person can make quite an impact on a company’s reputation. To take matters worse, negative feedback tends to affect a company’s reputation to an even greater extent than positive feedback does (all the more reason to find out how to engage those disengaged employees ASAP). Bottom line is, more engaged employees means more good news will be spread about your company, while having less disengaged employees also means less spreading of those nasty rumors that are so hard to stomp out.

5. Happy and Cheerful Employees

Finally, who wants to work with “Negative Nancy”? Yep, you’ve got it. No one. One of the biggest advantages to increased employee engagement is that you and your employees will be surrounded by happy workers who enjoy coming to work nearly every day. Engaged employees are cheerful employees… and those positive vibes are contagious!
Improving Employee Engagement= Improving Your Business
Ok, so we see the benefits of having engaged employees… but how do we better engage them? We cannot naively assume we know exactly what makes each employee feel satisfied. So, before we start trying to come up with a list of changes that we feel would help improve engagement, we should first ask employees for their honest opinions about what makes them tick or about what completely drives them up the wall.
One of the best ways to obtain truly honest, candid, and authentic opinions from employees is by conducting an anonymous Employee Engagement Survey. This allows you to first see what changes would be most impactful to improving employee engagement and satisfaction, before taking impulsive action.
So, do you think you are ready to hear what your employees really think? Contact us today to get started with SDHRC’s Employee Engagement Survey! With the results from this survey, we will work together with you to develop a custom engagement improvement plan, perfectly fit for your business!