Training Is Crucial

02.03.22Baylee Davies

Training is Crucial Poem

Michael Moskowitz, SDHRC HR Consultant

People make your business go.

They do the best they can.

Enhance their skills and knowledge,

Their potential will expand.

That’s the goal of training,

To have employees’ acquire

the attitudes and behaviors

your organization desires.

Assessing training needs is where the process starts

We don’t put topics on a wall

and commence to throwing darts!

A careful thoughtful process uncovers the greatest needs,

When delivering the training

your expectations we exceed.

Executives and managers are likely recipients.

Individual contributors make excellent participants.

Our program designs are fun and unique

and specifically tailored to the experience you seek.

Your training investment is very well placed

With lasting results, your employees embrace.

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SDHR Consulting's Training Services

When partnering with SDHR Consulting, the training possibilities are endless! Our consultants get to know your organization and uniquely tailor a training program that fits your needs. No two training sessions are the same to ensure the goals of your organization are prioritized and that our training style fits the culture of your workplace. By offering in-person and virtual training options, we can work with any industry and organization size to create a flexible program.

Our training courses include but are not limited to:
  • StrengthsFinder
  • Bird DISC
  • Mandatory Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (AB1825)
  • Engaging a Diverse Workforce
  • 7 Habits of Frequently-Sued Managers
  • New Manager Bootcamp Training Series – The Essentials for New Managers
  • Culture Workshop
  • Feedback & Listening Skills
  • Executive Coaching
  • We’re Here to Help

    Has your organization been forced to downsize perhaps due to COVID? If you have employees in need of career and outplacement assistance, we are here to help. Community is one of our core values, and to show our devotion to giving back we are offering complimentary outplacement services to our existing clients free of charge. Please reach out to for more information.