“Working Remote” a Poem by Michael Moskowitz

11.30.21Baylee Davies

“Working Remote”

A Poem by Michael Moskowitz

Zoom from the desert, Skype from a boat.
The workplace is anywhere working remote.
Your own home office, no commute to HQ.
Locations can vary and so does the view.

Different time zones are really alright
if meetings don’t happen in the middle of night.
Clients are happy. Work is under control.
Boss is ecstatic!
The team’s meeting its goals.

Take some breaks, wash the dishes.
Do whatever your little heart wishes.
Have a nice walk or go for a smoke.
The boss doesn’t mind.
It’s really no joke.

Don’t be boastful, no reason to gloat
about having the chance to work remote.
If you happen to be in the right occupation,
Enjoy it like millions across the nation.

‘Cause most working people don’t have it so sweet
like waiters and teachers and cops on the street.
Plumbers can’t fix things from miles away
and how else can mail get delivered each day?

Remote means far, a distance away
from the center of something, but who is to say
if it’s best to be close to the heat of the sun
or an outer moon orbit sometimes lonely and glum.

No doubt this arrangement won’t last forever.
It might end as soon as the next endeavor.
So like everyone else trying to stay afloat,
Enjoy the time now if you’re working remote.

About the Author

Michael Moskowitz, “Mosko”

Michael Moskowitz brings extensive HR experience, most specifically employee relations, training and development, organization development, and performance management in the telecommunication, manufacturing, software, education, and healthcare industries. Michael was nicknamed “Mosko” when he worked with so many Mikes or Michaels as a way to differentiate him from the others, however, we feel “Mosko” is a consultant who definitely stands out from the rest providing our clients with exceptional dedication and concern whether in training, compliance and employee relations. In his free time, Michael enjoys traveling, walking, and supporting his local baseball team, the Padres!