Coronavirus Flyer

02.10.20Baylee Davies
By viewing and downloading SDHRC's coronavirus flyer you can read vital facts about how the virus spreads and how to stay protected when traveling.
Updated 3/5/2020

Coronavirus is a virus that causes symptoms that can include those from the common cold to more serious symptoms such as respiratory disease. A “novel” virus is a new strain of a virus that we have not yet identified in humans before throughout history.

The coronavirus has initiated concern for public health officials and the surrounding community. At SDHRC, we know many employees are required to travel for their company and therefore wanted to share this informative flyer. The information gathered here is based on information from the County of Los Angeles Public Health to keep you and your employees safe and informed.

The content on our flyer will inform you of vital information such as what exactly the coronavirus is, how it spreads, what to do if you traveled to Wuhan and how to stay protected while traveling outside of the United States. While symptoms of this virus may vary, common symptoms include fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and severe illness. This important information is intended to enlighten and inform our surrounding community about a topic so important in today’s news. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, please seek medical care to protect yourself and others around you.