How to Ensure Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

06.30.20Baylee Davies

Now more than ever, companies are focusing on the topic of diversity and inclusion when it comes to their hiring practices.  In 2018, McKinsey & Company published a study called Delivering Through Diversity, which gathered data from more than 1,000 companies across 12 countries. The study determined:

“Companies in the top-quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 21% more likely to outperform on profitability and 27% more likely to have superior value creation.

Companies in the top-quartile for ethnic/cultural diversity on executive teams were 33% more likely to have industry-leading profitability.

Companies in the bottom quartile for both gender and ethnic/ cultural diversity were 29% less likely to achieve above-average profitability than were all other companies in our data set. In short, not only were they not leading, they were lagging.”

Here are some ideas to help you remain proactive in your diversity recruiting efforts while being  mindful of avoiding bias: 


Leverage non-traditional sources to find and reach your candidates – rather than relying on the traditional job boards, why not post your job on a site intended to reach candidates of diverse backgrounds?   You can partner with professional associations representing diverse candidates specific to your industry.  Just a few examples include Women in Engineering, Black Law Student Associations, and Hispanic Professional Associations. There’s surely an association for your industry! 


Don’t get stuck in your zip code – we have likely all had the employee who “thought” the drive would be okay and then, after spending time and resources on training, they decide it’s just not for them.  Be cautious not to let this experience influence how you view future candidates who would potentially have a far commute to the office.   Many successful employees commute long distances long-term.  Additionally, companies are starting to consider if the role really even has to be onsite.  During these past 90 days, many employers have learned employees can perform well in a remote environment if given the opportunity.  This can open your talent pool even wider!  Just remember; you cannot tell from a resume a person’s motivation.  A 10-minute call may change your organization’s whole direction!

Degrees and Certifications

Rethink your degree or certification requirements. In some cases, a degree or certification is absolutely required, especially in highly specialized jobs.  But is it really required for your open role?  Does it add value, or has it just been a requirement “because”?  Hands-on experience can (and usually does) trump things that are learned strictly in class without the challenges of real life. 

Are you discounting schools on the basis of the curriculum being provided online?  I have been an online student for years and I can tell you, we do not get an easy pass because we are not in front of our instructors.  We must sometimes do more to be able to accomplish our assignments because most of us are juggling school along with work to achieve the degree.  I feel most would agree, you want someone who is willing to put in all that work to be on your team.


As I continue having birthdays, I see how much has changed (anyone remember sending/receiving resumes via fax?).  I consider myself an older dog, and I know you can teach an old dog new tricks – we are learning every day!  We might see candidates who could be looking to make a career transition, or might have more experience than we are targeting.  Take a few seconds to see if they meet your needs, instead of immediately passing over that profile due to the candidate’s age.  You could be getting a candidate who has a depth of knowledge in areas that can certainly bring new ideas to your collective table!

With racial diversity and health and safety at the forefront of businesses’ and employees’ minds, the workplace environment is anything but static.  To stay current, businesses are continuing to evolve, revolutionizing the way things have been done, and are thinking outside the box.  At SDHRC, we are here to partner with you to meet your company’s evolving goals.

What SDHRC Can Offer

Independent Resume and Candidate Review – we can provide an independent and unbiased review of candidates, either through job postings or a proactive search. 

Diversity Inclusion – we utilize partnerships with national diversity associations that are industry-specific.

EEOC Collection and Documentation – as part of our screening process, our system can automatically collect data to make sure you are being compliant.

About the Author

Beth Noce “Noce List”

Beth is a Technical Recruiter who has been with SDHRC for over 2 years but has over 16 years of experience! Clients guaranteed to make the “Noce List” always find satisfaction with Beth’s checking off the “right fit” box between client and candidate.