Rising Cases Cause Reopening Rollbacks in California

07.15.20Baylee Davies

Rising Cases Cause Reopening Rollbacks in California

After almost four months since the “Stay at Home Order” was put in place and as businesses were given the green light to reopen, the past couple of weeks have proven that the virus is rapidly spreading and business closures are once again mandated. For many small businesses, the up and down, the unknown and the constant state of change has been nothing short of gravely impactful and at times, impossible to navigate.  It seems that just as businesses were beginning to acclimate to the new “normal” in regards to the reopening standards (face coverings, temperature checks, social distancing guidelines and disinfecting protocols), they are now once again faced with being shut down and uncertain of when or if they will be able to reopen with the influx of rising cases.

The Governor of California announced that effective July 15th, the following businesses in CA will need to close regardless if they are on the monitoring list or not:

  • Bars (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Indoor Restaurant Dining (outdoor dining and takeout are still allowed)
  • Indoor Wineries and Tasting Rooms
  • Movie Theaters
  • Other Indoor Family Entertainment Centers (bowling alleys, laser tag, etc.)
  • Indoor Museums and Zoos
  • Cardrooms

In addition, the following indoor business will need to close if they have been on the monitoring – “watch list” for 3 days or longer:

  • Gyms
  • Hair Salons and Barbershops (outdoor services are allowed)
  • Nail Salons and Other Personal Care Services
  • Indoor Malls
  • Non-Essential Offices (see the essential business list here that can remain open)
  • Indoor Places of Worship

Another significant announcement occurred on July 13th, as the Los Angeles and San Diego School Districts made a joint statement deciding that in-person learning will be delayed and all students will return to distance learning in the fall.  This major decision will affect many families, businesses and employees as they scramble to make swift and what may seem like impossible changes to their “Plan A.”  

As a small business ourselves, we at SDHRC understand the many directions in which you are being pulled to not only ensure the welfare of your business, but also the best way to support your employees.  Let us guide you through these uncharted times by assisting you with interpreting the new health order guidelines, applicable laws and regulations as they pertain to possible shutdowns and reduction in force, allowing you to focus on the critical needs of your business.  We understand that each business is uniquely different and we want to bring you comfort and peace of mind through this challenging and ever-evolving pandemic.    

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