HR News Alert: CA Sexual Harassment Training Update

09.10.19Baylee Davies
Hr news alert CA sexual harassment training SB 778

On August 30, 2019, Governor Newsom approved SB 778, which extends the deadline for employers with 5 or more employees in California to train their employees and supervisors in sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention. Follow us for HR news alerts including sexual harassment training updates and more.

Here are the key parts of the new regulation, which are now in effect:

  • • By Jan 1, 2021 employers must provide 2 hours of sexual harassment training to their supervisors and 1 hour of sexual harassment training to their non-supervisory employees.

  • • The training must be provided to employees every 2 years after the initial training is conducted.

  • • If an employer conducted training which met the requirements in 2019, the employer does not need to provide the training again in 2020 to those employees, however, the employer would be required to retrain those employees 2 years from the 2019 training date. 

  • • Beginning Jan 1, 2021, new employees and supervisors must receive training within 6 months of hire or promotion.

  • •Beginning Jan 1, 2020, temporary or seasonal employees who are hired to work less than 6 months must receive the training within 30 calendar days or 100 hours worked, whichever happens sooner.

  • • The training must incorporate these topics, but are not limited to, harassment, discrimination based on gender identity and expression, and what constitutes abusive conduct in the workplace.

  • • This does not change the prior requirement for employers who have 50 or more employees in California. They are currently still required to complete harassment training for their supervisory employees every 2 years and within 6 months of hire or promotion. However, they will now need to follow the above requirements for their non-supervisory employees.

  • • The training must be conducted by a trainer who meets the requirements as defined by the State of CA for delivering effective harassment training. If the training is conducted by someone who does not meet these requirements, the employer will not be in compliance with the regulations. 

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