Let SDHRC Take Additional Stress Off Your Shoulders

04.15.21Baylee Davies

Let SDHRC Take Additional Stress Off Your Shoulders

April is Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. Stress can mean many things for many different people but according to the Oxford Dictionary, it is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”Individuals and organizations alike experience stress, and often time they may be correlated! People feel stress in different ways; muscle soreness, headaches, digestive issues, sleep disturbance. We each know our individual symptoms when we’re under pressure. People deal with their personal stressors in different ways. They might take a passive approach and hope it goes away by itself. Or they might be proactive and see a therapist, go to a doctor for annual physical checkups, take regular blood pressure readings, and/or do a “stress test” by running on a treadmill hooked up to a heart monitor. Depending on results, people implement strategies and activities to reduce stress – medication, meditation, regular exercise, diet adjustments, lifestyle changes.

Stress in the Workplace

Similar to how individuals may deal with stress, organizations exhibit pressure in different ways as well; increased turnover, high sick leave usage, interdepartmental conflicts, chronic understaffing, lower productivity. Organizations deal with stress in different ways. Senior management might take a passive approach and hope it goes away by itself. Or they might be proactive and contact human resource professionals like SDHR Consulting for a comprehensive needs assessment. We may conduct a thorough audit of the organization’s human resources processes and procedures looking for gaps between actual practices and best practices. We may also conduct an employee satisfaction survey that measures employee expectations and the degree to which they are (or aren’t) being met. Additionally, we might designate a recruiter to focus on rectifying staffing needs. Depending on the results of these and other assessments, we recommend and implement changes to processes and procedures that are ongoing and sustainable, reducing the organization’s stress and leading to improved metrics. 

People can’t avoid stress. Mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances is bound to happen in a person’s lifetime. The key to dealing with personal tension effectively is taking a proactive approach and seeking remedies to difficult situations. Organizations can’t avoid stress either. Organizations are bound to experience strain and tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. The key for organizations to deal with their stress effectively is by taking a proactive approach and seeking professional assistance.

How SDHRC Can Help

April is Stress Awareness Month, and it’s a time devoted to heightening everyone’s sensitivity and commitment to dealing with tension. When it comes to your business, we can help navigate challenging situations through our unique and expert HR Consulting and Recruiting services. Oftentimes, it falls to senior management to take a leadership role in managing their organization’s stress in order to make their lives, and the lives of their employees, less strained and tense. SDHR Consulting is ready to assist with any and all challenges your business may experience, contact us today.   

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Michael Moskowitz, “Mosko”

Michael Moskowitz brings extensive HR experience, most specifically employee relations, training and development, organization development, and performance management in the telecommunication, manufacturing, software, education, and healthcare industries. Michael was nicknamed “Mosko” when he worked with so many Mikes or Michaels as a way to differentiate him from the others, however, we feel “Mosko” is a consultant who definitely stands out from the rest providing our clients with exceptional dedication and concern whether in training, compliance and employee relations. In his free time, Michael enjoys traveling, walking, and supporting his local baseball team, the Padres!