Emmily Hunter, PRC, CDR, CIR

09.09.19Baylee Olsen

Emmily Hunter (that’s with two “M”s) brings many years of recruiting experience from scientists and mathematicians, doctors and psychologists, office coordinators and help desk to software engineers and developers. You have a position, Emmily is going to fill it! Emmily holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and Human Development from Bowling Green State University and she is three times certified as a Professional Recruiter Certified (PRC), Certified Diversity Recruiter (CDR), and Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR). Emmily may reside in the Buckeye State, however, she is a forever “Falcon.” Fun fact about Emmily is she and her hubby are both left-handed and their wedding anniversary falls on National Left-Handers day (no worries, their kiddos are “all right”)! Among work and family life, Emmily still finds time to run a flag football league that coordinates 32 coaches and 16 teams, serves on the School Board AND takes time to work out to maintain a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. With two Ms in her name, we claim our very own M&M who is sure to break through that hard sell candied client position to find the candidate goodness from within. The bigger question to ask her, which color M&M is she?