Kelly Dingess

09.05.18Baylee Olsen

Kelly is an HR Consultant who brings 14 years plus of experience in HR. Kelly holds a BA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Azusa Pacific and she was previously certified as a Compensation Professional. Kelly’s extensive experience includes recruiting, benefits, employee relations as well as new insurance provider transitions and on-boarding program creation. Kelly has been married to her hubby Jerry for 9 years, resulting in two kiddos, a daughter and a son. Kelly loves soccer and playing indoor soccer is one of her favorite hobbies. Eyes on the end result for her clients, Kelly also knows the value of preventive defense by guiding clients in HR compliance which earns her the nickname, Goalkeeper.

StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths: Relator, Analytical, Responsibility, Learner, Individualization

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