Traci Hagan, MHRM

09.05.18Baylee Olsen

Webster defines “Treasure Trove” as a valuable discovery, resource or collection which accurately describes our Human Resources Lead, Traci, who brings over 32 plus years of experience in employee relations, conflict resolution benefits administration, training and development, workers’ comp and staffing. Traci holds a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Florida State University and a Masters in HR Management from the University of North Florida. Raised on Florida beaches, Traci has traveled to cold and distant places such as Boston, NY, and Bangladesh, but now enjoys living in San Diego where she walks her 16-year-old “puppy”, enjoys outdoor yoga classes and admits sirens in the city beat the cold and snow any day. Restaurant server to HR Director, visiting Professor to a volunteer for 2 years in Bangladesh, Traci’s experiences encompass multi-organizational and cross-cultural issues which allow her to expertly charter the waters of complex problems and where she thrives by discovering and providing solutions for smoother sailing. There is no better HR guide than Traci, SDHR Consulting’s Treasure Trove.

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